Glaceau Smart Water?

Really who honestly wants to drink “vapor distilled water and electrolytes for taste”?  Distilled water has no taste and how else do you make distilled water other then vaporizing water?  I couldn’t decide if the water taste bad because its crappy or it was someone else’s backwash?  I mean come on I was thirsty!  It looked full and it was cold!  🙂  The taste was so faint it was actually just like drinking distilled water….
Which is stupid…. Not smart. Get it?  🙂

I would rather drink tap water but it wasn’t cold.  If you live in Florida you know your water has a taste also….. Dead fish.  LOL  🙂



image foam brush hose crap?

Is cws or national prides low pressure hose crap?  Or everyone’s pre-made low pressure hose good?  I have never purchased this stuff ever before.  It always looks cheap…. my Dad uses premade lp stuff.  🙂  I’m not sure where he purchases his from though? 

I usually use push lock hose which I should have again but I was lazy….. Kind of like how CWS attach the hose guard on!  All 4 in all my bays already look the exact same…. I would say why @$&*# bother?  It actually looks worse then before?

Also the elapse time was 4 days…. Good job.   🙂


GinSan’s ExpressKEY?

Isn’t it kind of weird that GinSan does not have their ExpressKEY thing on their main website?  They only have the information on their website…. it does have GinSan on the bottom but maybe they are trying to forget about this great pile of……

But don’t worry!  Someone is selling a GinSan ExpressKEY on for $5500!  Yeah…..  🙂

BTW is it just me or is Astromatic or the most unprofessional bunch of people ever? I would never name names but Allen LeBleu is an example. 🙂 I really HATE emailing them…. I also hated talking to them. Yes they sold something for me…. but so what? I should have tried it would have cost me less and they provided zero support. Also does them selling new ryko parts make logical since? What about unused chemicals? Why not do one or the other correctly? (I am assuming they sell ryko parts correctly? But someone that purchased from them said they sell compatible ryko parts. I only start rumors! I didn’t know anything I only repeat stuff! 🙂 )

Greg today helped me with my CWS order. :)

He said the stuff I wanted was basically not that great of an idea.  Also that the aluminum head foam brushes where also a bad idea.  So I keep all the stuff that was sent wrong from

BTW the lady I emailed accepted blame and said she would send and pickup the stuff.  But they still didn’t have what I wanted and the invoice was changed so her story really makes no since?

Also Greg said he doesn’t order stuff from CWS anymore?  Kleen Rite really has stepped up there game.  I guess Marcus use to use CWS…. but it doesn’t matter.  He probably switched also?

The  blue 212551 Erie plastic 4 1/2″ hogs hair brushes I purchased from CWS.  $52 head only.  🙂

imageimageimageimage never mind I will never order from you again don’t worry about my 10% off lifetime thing!

I need a unbiased opinion.
If I order this:
UB-MSTR-AHBK Aluminum Head (BLACK) from universal brush is an ER212551 Plastic Casting (BLUE) really an alternative?

I got an email stating:
“We are currently out of stock on the Universal Monster Hogs Hair brushes.  We do currently have the Erie Hogs Hair Brushes in stock which are $51.95 if you would like those sent.”

I said sure but a different color and all plastic?  WTF?  Seriously?

Also the only reason I ever purchased from CWS was there high pressure hoses and they look like ass now.  They DO NOT look like the pictures on the crap website either.
They didn’t send the correct color foam brush handle either…. I’m guessing everyone gets blue!  🙂

Well shipping was 10% around and no handling now.


What the hose use to look like…. It seems heavier also. Even though it was less psi and the manufacturer was to embarrassed to put theie name on the hose. 🙂


Apparently I had a bunch in stock! They quit selling them like the picture on there website in 2009! Talk about false advertising! LOL What a joke. 🙂

PKM Metals 4401 Jaybird Road



Recyclers, scrap yards, enablers for thieves!  I mean come on!  If PKM or any scrap yard  gave a crap wouldn’t they refuse stuff.  Maybe PKM does?  But the Police and the government need to close these places down.  These places have a really bad ethics problem.  I think scrap yards really should just drive around and put out hits or pick up stuff themselves.  They are as guilty as the people stealing the stuff in the first place.

The only reason I single out PKM is I got my METAL pits stolen and I asked some shady guy which might have stole them?  Who knows?  🙂  He said everyone brings there stolen stuff to PKM…. so don’t put words in my mouth!  It’s the “word on the street”.  Also if the guy hasn’t been thrown in jail yet I will point him out for you!  Actually I wouldn’t rat anyone out in Wylam…. I’m not stupid!

BTW a detective from the Birmingham Police Department told me the other day THEY SELL DOPE across the street (from my car wash)…… REALLY!  Thanks detective I’M BLIND!  I didn’t ask but if this is such common knowledge….. never-mind.

OMG I just figured out why has such a bad website!

Because on August 1, 2013 National Pride purchased them!  National Pride still has there 2011 catalog as there “current” catalog.

I really feel bad purchasing stuff from National Pride now!  They provided zero help for me after the sale of expensive meter boxes.  I wish I knew National Pride purchased CWS because I would have never ordered from them.

Also National Pride had those videos promoting breaking into meter boxes…. at least that is what I thought they were for.

I got my ups tracking number and it had “NPE Memphis – Carwash” CWS I believe is in Mississippi.