Best Find Ever?


Okay so I found this DVD in the garbage.  Usually I take the previous owners opinion on the objects I find in the garbage cans and just throw it in the dumpster.  But this time I saw a DVD with a fox on it.  I like foxes and the title was FOX NO HOLES BARRED!  Not really sure what that meant but I thought why not give it a try?  So I brought it home and found out that it wasn’t about foxes at all!  It was about females!  It had no plot and they took their clothing off really fast (not sure why maybe it was hot outside?).  Another thing weird was there was blurred out areas around where the males and females took their pants off!  It was really weird!

I Hate This!


I really hate this.  But on the other hand this looked like it was going to break any second.  I guess these need to be replaced every so often?  Or maybe it should just not get run over?

Article on Going Green!

I always love articles on going green!  This one was interesting though.  Found it from here:—wash-your-car-without-wasting-water

The results :

¢ Self-service car washes typically use about 17 gallons per vehicle, depending on the type of nozzle on it

¢ In-bay car washes, at gas stations, use about 20 to 40 gallons per vehicle

¢ The full service car washes can use up to 60 gallons per vehicle

¢ Washing it on own, in the driveway, can take more than 100 gallons per vehicle