What is a….. *ORIGINAL* Replacement Sensor for Dixmor Weep Mizer (TI0100) $40.00


  • 67WR20  Trimmer Resistors – Through Hole 3/8″ Squ 20 10%  DOC 3/8” Square Multiturn Cermet Trimming Potentiometer
  • LM234H (I believe?)  DOC TI LINK Temperature Sensor with Analog Current Source Output in TO-92    Update:  20151001  I am revising this to LM134H
  • Resistor…. 271 Ohms 2%  The last color is not really that important.  But the 3rd band might be Red?  I would need to check again.  🙂  Update:  20151001 I believe it is red, brown, brown.

Now I love Dixmor…. better then all other Car Wash companies combined. But their “Original” Sensor seems flawed?  I just happened to find 3-4 broken sensors today and I have been meaning to check them out.  Lets check out the pictures below.

So my hypothesis is…. In the “Original” design the temp sensor is exposed to the elements (The cap portion).  Moisture has to rust and corrode this part (mine has rust on it) and pretty much all the solder joints of the board (mine are all corroded it seems).  Even though the rest of the sensor is encapsulated with epoxy or something annoying?  I believe…. that the temperature sensor should be encapsulated also…. then maybe the sensor would be a better design?  As designed I believe this is terrible to be honest…. It “seems” like I am purchasing one every other year.  But I know that has to be an exaggeration!  LOL 🙂  Update:  20151001  I do have 2 washes and I am in the south.

Direct LOL…. Mark VII :)


“Direct drives run smoother and quieter than belts and pulleys while eliminating the maintenance headache of having to regularly adjust them.”

This is funny….  this is implying less maintenance.

But belt driven systems last longer in a high usage application.  The belt system produces less vibration and heat because the direct systems run at a higher rpm.

Also…. are you really suppose to adjust your belts and pulleys “regularly”…. like within the last 10-20 years of the equipment’s life?  LOL 🙂  I honestly do not know!  🙂  Plus what does “regularly adjust them” mean?  every 20-30 years?  Again I do not know?  Thanks let me know cwguy!  🙂

One last thought…. doesn’t the sound come from the hp pump not the motor?  Or is it the belt making all the noise?  Plus I would think a motor running at higher rpms would be louder?  But I do not know!

Dixmor LED 7 Car Wash Timer and Magswitch Keychain Magnet to reset the timer.


I have been wanting to purchase a key chain magnet for my timers. So I could reset them…. it has only taken 12 years. LOL 🙂

This magnet can hold 2 sets of keys on my door and you can turn the magnet off (I assume). I also assume it makes it safer? I did not ask my mother in law (I do not want to either 🙂 )…. she hates magnets. Not sure if she bases her fear off anything…. she is a Doctor though?

Link to the magnet: Magswitch Keychain Magnet

Car Wash $50 Android Tablet? LOL :)

Well…. I was debated on posting a blatant ad for Amazon…. But if you have not gone to amazon.com lately…. check out this.  They have their new crappy 7″ Fire tablet for $50?  What $50?  I could find that much change in my vacuum!  (If I wanted to search my vacuum garbage!  LOL 🙂 )  It does have ads…. but…. did I already say they only want $50?  LOL 🙂  (I think $15 more to get rid of the ads?)

Yes I purchased one…. also amazon.com has this new Amazon Underground app store thing…. it is awesome.  Amazon Underground contains free apps…. well which are actually free?  Also with no in game purchases!?  WHAT!  That is the most annoying part of any “free game”!  LOL  🙂

I would go purchase a tablet if I were you…. or purchase 5 and give me the free one!  LOL 🙂  We have an older Kid’s Fire Tab and the kids like it…. plus it did not really get good reviews?  Not sure why?

Cat pump guarantee…. “last forever”?

I do not doubt you could maintain any pump and make it “last forever”.  Might not be the best idea though?  🙂

My question was:  Is their a letter on certain Cat heads…. which allowed you to be able to sent the head in for free service?  Someone told me and I never asked a reliable source.  Plus the source did not really know anything.

Does anyone trust usps delivery? If you needed your package for your business?



I actually thought it was just our United States Postal Service route that had very poor service…. But I sold a Hamilton ACW controller to a guy in Pennsylvania and he was hell bent not to use the usps.  He wanted the controller overnighted and the usps would have been $30-40 cheaper.  So instead of using usps…. he wanted me to take it out of it’s stainless container and not double box it.  (He actually said to “Bubble wrap the ____ out of it”.  LOL 🙂 ) Just to make it reasonable through FedEx…. and to be honest…. that is what I would have done also.

Well is it just me and this guy?  Is your mail service bad?  Our Mailman/lady is actually nice and knows me…. but the problem is she does not always deliver the mail and our fill ins are pathetic.

I just saw a commercial that the usps works on Sunday now…. funny because I thought they were debating on scaling back days because of funding?  Maybe things have gotten better?