So I was explaining the NFL QB rule to my Wife….

I have heard nonstop Tom Brady the GOAT…. Okay I get it lots of rings usually proves something! This is exactly why I wear 10 rings! LOL 🙂

But while my Wife was even telling me how great Tom Brady was…. I asked with a disclaimer because I do not know Tom.

“I really have no clue how great he is…. But no one is allowed to hit the Quarterback anymore. This should play a role…. Even with all his wins maybe someone that actually got hit is better?

Seriously why does no one mention the Roughing the Passer Rule? How could this not effect the best Quarterback ever debate? Seriously no joke…. A 65 year old can be the QB. Sure he would be diving a Corvette but still. 🙂 Only hugs can stop the play right or did I seriously miss something. LOL 🙂,the%20rule%20book%20since%201938.

RULE: You can not lead with your helmet to contact the passer, hit the head or neck area, or the knee area or below…. Only lovable hugs!

DISCLAIMER: Sorry, I only watch and coach little league now (under 10). I have not watched the NFL in years and did not offer a QB or really care. But in little league where there are missive weight and strength differences. Little kids hit each other and the parents have to pay the league to play! LOL 🙂

Express Wash Subscription Survival Rules v2

So you have an Express wash and a monthly service plan…. Now what?

This next piece of the subscription puzzle is not that complex. Owners seem to believe they have to literally be the only business on Earth that reads definitions and follows them. Please…. Ask a Lawyer / Politician first and see if this is true or not. 🙂

So you keep hearing owners and maybe even customers say “unlimited subscriptions are for unlimited washes”…. Well just because it says unlimited.

Well lets think about this and how rules are followed in our life….

Examples could be how farmers can used non-manmade pesticides for organic foods. I am told the whole point of organic foods is to not use pesticides.

Meat seems about the same…. Grassfed? 100% Grassfed? Really? What? A logically human would assume a grassfed cow would be 100% grassfed right? Not grassfed meaning one grass blade. Chickens: Cage or Crate Free, Free Range, Not Confined, Free Roaming, Pasture Fed, Pasture Grown, Meadow Raised, and Pasture Raised…. Sure I eat chicken. 🙂

Seems to me everyone pretty much tries to deceive customers. Express Washes any better? $5 really? 🙂 What is your average again? So why the hard line on “unlimited”?

Okay this Canada – US built car thing really upsets me…. Seriously how is building in Canada count as the US? What? So they employee US employees in Canada? 🙂 But I will not talk about that.

So back to the “rules”…. But I will not even make my own conclusions here…. I will use some other company’s conclusion which has over 2000 stores. They also have an unlimited subscription service. Panera Bread makes rules: Check out their rules. Rules are good…. We are surrounded by them. Panera Bread is very generous also I believe.

Express Wash Subscription Survival Rules

So you have an Express wash and a monthly service plan…. Now what? 

What do you do when there are abusers that abuse your plan? I have heard this question 100+ times.  “What should I do?  A monthly customer comes daily!”  It will usually just happen for the first month…. Seriously it will wear off do not worry. 🙂 But I just heard this the other day about a customer coming 2-3 times a day?  Yeah…. It seems like you need some rules now if you have this issue.  🙂

But do not worry car wash owners! I know everyone always gets confused and believes that the wash industry is the only industry around. But lets be honest…. Our industry is archaic. The issue is the number of businesses per owner and the fact our service is not a commodity.

The argument is this…. a contractor comes 2-3 times a day and the contractor becomes a sales rep for your express wash! “Great advertisement…. Tells everyone about the wash”.  I am assuming the contractor has one of those full car wraps with the wash name on it? Or an air freshener with your name on it? What… No? How many locations do you have 1-2? I hope 3-7 or more…. If you want this advertisement stuff to work. Sure sounds great…. But I believe the sales claims anyone talks about are from normal business practices.

Let’s look at why this kind of word of mouth might not help as well as you might think. In a saturated car wash market. 

So I love coffee…. Lets say I just went to Wild Roast Coffee and have this super awesome looking cup that I love. (Disposable coffee cups are cool so I carry it around everywhere I go…. Even when it is empty like a moron. Free advertising for Wild Roast!)   So I tell everyone…. So?  Wild Roast has one location…. Will I just be next to Wild Roast all day…. This is good then for Wild Roast! If not Wild Roast will probably not be close to anyone. My recommdations will probably just make even more business for Starbucks….. Same with two Wild Roast locations.  Then you will have to explain where this place is which is super annoying if you plan to advertise for any business…. This is another issue. Lots of locations like Starbucks this is great…. Air fresheners or eye catching rfid stickers great. One location…. Whatever….. Good for drive-bys and just keep what you got.

I am not saying I am smarter then a Plumber but….

plumber mistake

If you want to see the kind of kitchen faucet we purchased it kind of looks like this one on amazon: The new thing is getting a faucet that is all together. Which use to mean they were cheap? Who knows? 🙂

So we are getting new counter tops…. Don’t look at me that way.  I can install my own faucet!  LOL 🙂  Plus it was “included in the price”.   In fact I already installed the faucet and know for a fact the faucet worked perfectly.  Which kind of hurt credibility I believe?  🙂

So the plumber tells my kids he is leaving and my kids find me and say “everything works fine except no hot water”.  Great…. So I go meet the Plumber at his van ask “do you think you have one of the hoses crimped?”  The reason I asked this pointed question was I had this exact issue.  🙂  Plumber says checked everything…. blaw blaw blaw.  Basically the new faucet is broken…. “it is clogged and needs parts”  So I come back in the house take the picture above…. Move the hose and WHAT hot water fixed I am a plumber now.  🙂  (I believe I need to go work for someone for 10 years slave labor like the old times actually?)

This Moen pull down kitchen faucet design is seriously flawed I believe for normal people to install…. I mean seriously a plumber could not do it.  No joke.  It could be easily fixed but basic trouble shooting should help.  I even asked the Plumber “does the hot water come out of the fitting in the wall?”  Plumber “yes”.  If it comes out of the fitting in the wall and the sprayer is off (which the sprayer is probably the most likely to get clogged it also has a screen in it) the hose is probably the issue?  Well it was the issue twice!  LOL 🙂  Just look at the brass fitting in the above picture…. Moen knows there is no room and there is an issue.  Propitiatory fittings (I believe?) and the plastic fitting on the sprayer are also a nasty touch.

So all this car wash trouble shooting knowledge does have a practical use?! WHAT?  LOL 🙂  Also the “Plumber” sounds like a “Distributor”….  “Replace it”.  Owner “But…. What about just replacing that switch?”  LOL 🙂  At least I thought the story was funny.  🙂

So I got my First New ELECTRIC TRUCK…..

I feel like such a douchebag driving my electric truck around.  I hate being accused of being a tree huger!  🙂  I have actually got into this argument multiple times with my wife.  🙂  (Usually around electric parking places.)  How is my car not electric?  My car has to produce electricity for my car to work and start.   Come on I think I need a beret, bike riding unitard or clothing that I actually pick out myself to wear…. Something!

Plus to be honest my car is the best when it comes to greenhouse gas and my personal green movement…. It ranks #1 in fuel economy and the greenhouse gas ratings!  YES!  🙂   Now I just need to sue someone when I realize this was a mistake?  (Is this how being retarded works?).  But seriously do I sound any more retarded then anyone else these days?  LOL 🙂

How Customers should determine if they are going to a Crappy Express Wash?

Very simple…. If the Express wash owners actually expects customers to wash their cars before going through their equipment.

I hear you…. the customer is paying to get their car “clean”?  I can argue about equipment and prepping…. So lets not go there.  Lets just agree it is a labor issue…. I just believe when your prices are $12, $15, $20 it is the owner’s responsibility.  (I actually believe it is always the owners responsibly to wash your customers car if you have an attendant.  I also know it is hard to get any employee to do anything.  This is the reason I would never own an Express Wash.  🙂 )

Sonny’s, MacNeil or in this case Tommy tunnel equipment…. They all have prep stations around here.  I have also seen all the equipment cleaning cars.  So I would never blame it on tunnel equipment they are basically all the same…. Cars are not the same.

I could go on forever and delete 90% of this post already…. What gets me is…. Customers are so concerned about “scratching” their car and they go through an express or full service wash with brushes.  🙂  Silly customers…. You even wash and vacuum your own car.  🙂  Sounds like another place…. A Self Service Car Wash!  🙂  At least at a self service wash you can inspect the brush before using it!

Reviewer: Gave it a shot today, bought the $20 package and not worth the price. My truck wasn’t very dirty but was in the tunnel wash very quickly. Came out and looked. The rear window still dirty and roof was too. Waste of your money

I picked the most appropriate comment for my post. 3 negative comments on not prepping cars. 4 negative reviews overall out of 8 reviews. Still a 3.8.

Car Wash Guy’s…..Tool Bag Pictures :)

Some of my tool links:
(I was writing an article and just complied a list of links to maybe help show exactly what items I was talking about? Maybe not helpful? 🙂
Terminal block screwdriver:
Chisel driver screwdriver:
Phillips PH 0 head screwdriver:
Electrician’s Scissors:
Wera 932/6 screwdriver:
Klein Tools 647:
Knipex Cobra Pliers:
Combination wrench:
Ratcheting wrench inch:
Ratcheting wrench metric:
Veto Pro Tech XL:
Klein backpack:
Milwaukee cordless ratchet:
Small 3/8 socket set:

USPS has Street Addressing for Free! Like it is really free! :)

OLD:  PO Box 361
NEW:  1809 Riverchase Drive #361

Apparently this feature has been out over 6 year?  You can tell USPS is not competitive at all! LOL 🙂  Maybe they should advertise or tell you about their features?  Like online shipping and “A Boxes” and “B Boxes”?  Maybe this would make them more money?  But why bother when more income just means more work?  🙂

Also why is it a problem if you add “suite” or “apt” in front of your number instead of the required “#”…. This will make them return the item?  I doubt my PO would do it…. It would require more work! (Walking further.)  🙂  Also why would they honestly care if you are claiming it as your physical residence or place of business in legal documents?  (The PO is making you SIGN A DOCUMENT SAYING YOU WILL NOT DO THIS?)  Sure on legal documents it might say no PO Boxes and obviously it is a PO Box but why would you have to sign something at the PO?  It is really none of their business if you are breaking the rules or laws on other contracts?

Well I have renewed my PO Box multiple times for years and have never seen this option…. I believe they just added it?  It might have always been there…. It is pretty cool but I am really not impressed honestly.  (UPS stores have had this feature since I was in college…. 75 years ago.  This was the reason they were always better.  Well there are other reasons also.)  But do not worry…. If I want to enable this feature (which I would probably never use anyway) I would need to sign a document and sit in line and give it to someone…. Then in a month or so I will need to sit in line again and give another signed document to someone…. Then in another month…. Call which actually might be worse….  Plus my PO Box number is so bad!  It is 6 digits!  What a joke…. You could not even pretend you lived in an apartment or office building…. Well not in Birmingham at least. (Even being the 49th largest metropolitan area in the US 2013.)