Car wash signs


Well the water restrictions are confusing people in my area.  I am in Bessemer and Birmingham is running out of water.  So all it took was one person to ask if they were going to shut the wash down and coupled with poor sales (also poor sales on my Mimosa tree chains) made me order the signs.  They were $40 per banner and $10 for the stake signs.  The last picture is someone in my neighborhood breaking the law washing their car at their house.

A&J Carwash and Rentals – Prattville Alabama


I am sorry in advance, but this car wash had some cool stuff so I took lots of pictures. 

Vending and changer:  I would not believe it except I saw it with my own eyes! An out of order Rowe changer? Impossible!


Bay setup:  I really like the Armor All sign and love the coin acceptor.


Foam brush setup:  I like the foamer, just proves you can mount them anywhere.


Vacuum setup:  I have never seen this before.  I guess they had lots of break ins?


Back of building:  Windows unit exposed and a security camera


Storage detail location?


Also, this place smelt like it used reclaim water.  I mean smelt very bad.


Prattville EnTec gas station


How do you know if someone has a theft problem?  Check out the sign on the fountain drink machine “Cups available from cashier, Thank you”.  Interesting sign.  I have never seen that before.


Interesting setup.  Just 6 stainless vacuums and 2 different fragrance machines.  No other car wash equipment.


I like this D&S Air Freshener “Sweet Mist!”.  With different types like strawberry, pinacolada, vanilla, new car and obsession.  Obsession?  It seems like a nice unit having 5 different types.

Dumpster problem


I think the dumpster people threw away my lock and the bar for my dumpster.  But at least my front door to my house is not tagged with “DUB BOY”.  I did solve the crime though.  I checked out and found Dub Boy (real name Tim Rayner he is in a band called “Ruffnek Diskotek”).  He must have flown over from the UK and tagged the house (which is right next to my car wash).  Or while on tour, Dub Boy got Birmingham Alabama mixed up with Birmingham UK.  Or it might be a different guy?

Alabama governor making a divine request for rain


Bob Riley (I like to call him Bobby R or cool hair guy) says “pray for rain to fall from the heavens”.  I just thought it was interesting and reiterates the “Bible Belt” label (Alabama).  But we do need some rain so people do not think my car wash is closed.  Full article here if for some reason you would like to read it “Riley says pray for rain to fall from heavens, Proclamation urges divine request”.

Level out the posts


Well my plan to level them out was not that great of a plan.  I did not do a very good job.  But I did get to use my Ryobi reciprocating saw 18 volt P510.  I have never used it before and with 2 batteries I cut through 2 4×4’s.  I hope the first battery was half full because the second battery died after 1 1/3 cuts.  Impressive.  Actually, what a POS, but I guess you get what you pay for?