Funny Carolina Pride Direct Ad :)


Now Carolina Pride Directs website is straight up 1980s! LOL 🙂 Just a form…. looks like a scam by today’s standards…. no offense to Direct that is just my opinion (I would change it asap). What does Carolina Pride Direct even sell? Actually it looks just like Ginsan equipment…. down to the sticker? But their ad says to “REPLACE your existing Ginsan” but again I never heard of this place. I just thought the ad was funny because you save 10%………. Yeah! Plus they run ads for their site…. so I assume people fill out the form! Good for them…. they will present you 10% off! 🙂 But honestly how would you know if there was a discount? They are the only seller and there are no prices?

I found this ad because I was trying to find a GinSan product again! It actually appears that GinSans website is out of date? Or they do not have all their products on their site? Plus I hate to even ask this…. But does GinSan still sell their “Liberator Credit Card System”? I emailed “Doug Empie” about their credit card system and he said they “generally utilize Hamilton and Crypto Pay”. So I assume that means no Liberator? I have not used this in a while I guess? :)


I know every website on Earth has an annoying survey…. but why does every site really have an annoying survey? Maybe I am annoyed way to easily? 🙂 Plus “Distributor”? I want a discount through KR! Please! 🙂 BTW my business type is exclusively “power wash” because I demand power to wash things? I assume they mean “pressure washers”? Do people really still do pet washes? Also where is the other fab…. the motorcycle wash? I believe…. some distributor should make a pet wash and a motorcycle wash combined into one unit!

Also is it just me…. or is the “show me my cart” button in the worse place? How about the cart icon? I understand that the drop down cart is cool and is sometimes useful…. but there is no “view cart” on the drop down cart either? I hate to say it but the site is just all over the place…. poor organization. I almost get the reasoning behind the menu locations but it does not make it intuitive…. and it would still be out of order? Plus I know I did not design this website…. but drop down menus sometimes can be helpful? But I also know exactly what your argument would be…. I also agree your demographics can never figure out drop down menus! 🙂

Well…. I just clicked on “My History” and also “My Account”…. Okay…. Order history in 2 places and they are not linked? Now I was a database administrator 10 years ago. 🙂

My first order was on 7/17/2006…. Wow I should have stayed a dba. JK LOL 🙂 vacuum information?

So if you wanted to purchase an air compressor motor for a pedestal fragrance machine.  Plus you had to do it all online…. how would this be accomplished since fragramatics does not provide a manual for their pedestal units?  Do they still even sell them?  (Actually I do not care.)  I will just check their UP TO DATE January 2014 price guide on their site.  No Joke!

I totalling love their naming scheme?

Model CCD :  pedestal mount shampoo machine
Model CSR/CSR-P : pedestal mount shampoo & spot remover machine or spot remover shampoo & carpet protectant machine
Model EVD-2/EVD-3 : pedestal mount two or three fragrance machine
Model FV-3 : combination vacuum with three fragrances

I get the FV3: Fragrance vac 3 selections.

Top 6 things I hate about Fragramatics Vacuums.  (Not counting the maintenance nightmare aspect.)

  • Why do they have spot remover as an option?  This is my most hated feature of all time!  It is so stupid and NO ONE EVER USED IT!  Not sure why but it would not matter if people did use it…. I would still hate it.  🙂
  • “Turbo” function…. my Dad owned some SAV vacs (SAV is also a stupid name for the vacs I believe.  What does it stand for?  Super additional vac?  Should-be added vac?).  I think this is the worse vac function ever to have at your location. The vac is basically saying…. “Yeah…. I will not work right unless you switch me to the turbo function”. Which makes customers look at the owner as a total douche because you are charging extra because you purchased this crappy vac.  (I believe it cost more to use the “turbo” function?  It had an additional motor.)
  • Selling direct or not paying a middle man….  where is the savings?   Also where are the parts…. their site?  No thanks.
  • Stupid every function ever vacs!  Customers can not figure out normal vacs.  Sure why not purchase a Fragrance, Shampooer and Vacuum?  But I think every manufacturer does it so it is not just Fragramatics…. except maybe Jim Coleman which still sells teal stuff…. rocking their 1990 theme!  LOL  🙂
  • I hate all their stickers and their prices they want for them…. this is actually why I sold all my Fragramatics vacuums.  Their prices are a joke.  Greg did get custom stickers which cost about the same as one sticker from Fragramatics and they look better than their stupid flower power 1960 theme.
  • Mirror finish…. I only saw it at a trade show.  Looks like a bad idea?

They do have 1 feature no other brand has copied.

  • Fragramatics vacs look the best hands down.  That is about it.