Sandpiper pump problem – again


My sandpiper pump lost its prime again.  The pump was constantly pumping and would work fine in the bay.  I am not sure what the problem is but the chemical seemed foamy and white like the picture to the left.  After I removed the outlet hose the chemical took longer to prime this time.

Hydraulics problem today


There was a hydraulics problem today.  The best we could tell the pressure gauge blew and fluid shot out of it all over the wall and the ceiling.  I noticed it because the conveyer stopped working.  Then the conveyer started working again without doing anything.  William replaced the pressure gauge.

Fuse blew again – update


Greg fixed my bay problem today.

1)  First we narrowed it down to which function had the problem.  It was just presoak.


2)  Next we disconnected the presoak solenoid for that bay.  This is to rule out a bad solenoid coil.  Still had the problem.


3)  Next disconnect the presoak wire in the equipment room.  Not sure if we disconnected the right wire but still had the problem.


4)  Next disconnect the presoak wire from the terminal block.  This stopped the problem.  Greg said that the wires were corroded.  Which is bad.  This fixed the problem.

5)  The next step would have been to disconnect from the switch.

Fuse blew again – update