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$7.00 Really?!


I hate when people call and say “bay 3 stole my quarters and would not give me any time, I put in $7.00.”  What?!  You drive to the carwash and bay 3 works fine.  But the underlining point is why would someone put in $7.00 when the machine starts at $1.50 and you get 20 minutes for $4.00?

Procon pump problem? – Update


I got my temporary Procon pump from my Dad today.  I have never replaced a Procon pump but William said it is easy, which it was.


You just have to remove the old pump.  Mine is a clamp style because it is clamped on like the second picture shows.  The other type is flange type.


Then you put the “magic piece” (second picture) which make everthing work in the motor, line it up with the pump, tighten the clamp on the pump and motor, install all the hoses back correctly and test.  Done!