I Hooked up the Pumps Today


The pumps work today!  Boy was it a pain wiring the Marathon Electric Motor.  I dropped a nut into the motor and then had to remove the motor off its mounts…. fun fun fun!  Then I had a leak (last picture) but it was easy to fix.  We will see what happens tomorrow because the RO tank might overflow!

I Hooked up the Pumps Some Today


I hooked up the pumps most of the way today.  I put the pumps in place and attached all the hoses!  I just need to attach the power and it will be ready.  When I was done and about to leave the water line fell off somehow (which is connected via a push lock fitting), but luckily I was still there!  You can actually see it about to fall off in the first picture.

OSHA Would be Proud!


Today I decided to cut boards so I would not fall in the pit in the equipment room.  As long as you are careful it is no big deal!  This was from when someone stole all my grates and I had to use the equipment rooms and some spares I had.  (Pit was 13″ wide and I cut the boards 12 3/4″)

I Love Raking Leaves


Actually, I hate raking leaves!  I wish I did not have any trees at all at my house.  Then I would never have any mess in my yard.  Okay back to the carwash…. someone was raking leaves and decided to dump them mixed with household garbage, HEY!  Yes leaves got everywhere because that box is totally ripped.