Big Air compressor problem!


When I opened the equipment room door today the air compressor motor was running but there was no air pressure.  The air compressor belt broke, which was the first time a belt broke on me.  The funny thing was I could not find the belt, only some little pieces.

How not to remove a pulley? – Update


After Mep1 told me I was heating up the wrong thing, I took his advise and heated up the pulley this time.  I believe that my problem is the wheel puller end that goes on the shaft is too fat?  The last picture shows the furthest I can pull the pulley off. 

I also beat the pulley with a hammer after a chunk of the pulley flew off and I picked it up like I was retarded.

Speeding tree?


I got part of a tree that was cut down today.  I also found a speeding ticket.  I never will understand this speeding ticket scam.  This is how it works:  1) You are driving your car at the speed you want.  2) The Police do not approve of the speed you want to drive.  3) Short buzz cut guy writes you a ticket.  4) The carbon copy technology does not work and you can not read your ticket.  5) (This is the scam part.) You have to pay for a reprint of the ticket.  What!

The moral of the story is: if the amount you have to pay is low, it is okay for low quality tickets.  If the ticket amount is high, I expect a nice copy detailing my driving abilities.  Maybe the city should get the non-legable copy and you get the original? 

Signs to help you out!


First picture:  You would start getting angry because it is graffiti.  Then you read it and it says “Not A GanG Just Graffiti!” then you feel better.  Who really cares that they vandalized the building and it looks bad? (This was on the thrift store building when I gave them my never used 10 year old assembled grill that I must have moved 8 times.)

Second picture:  I really like the colorful vacuum hoses that I purchased from Erie Brush.  So do the grasshoppers.

Third picture:  I has driving to my car wash and noticed this sign.  So, if anyone needs a gas stove give them a call.

Update: Full service? 9th Avenue

I was driving past this full service wash and noticed they updated their sign.  Not really sure what the December 27, 2006 date is for.  The sign also seems more confusing?  The original post is here:


This is the entrence of the wash.  I guess when the place is open they move the truck?


This is what you see before you enter the “tunnel of doom”.


If you make it out of the tunnel this is their road sign.


These pictures were taken with my iphone not a Holga (sorry for the extremely bad photography joke).  The iphone can take good pictures then terrible pictures.

$6,192.00 water bill!


The Birmingham Water Works messed up on my bill and about 15,000 others.  But it was kind of shocking when you open the mail and the bill is $6,192 instead of around $100.  The billing date was 05-19-1920 and the due date was 06-02-1920.  This event made the news and the official said “it was a computer problem”.  Really?  I thought they were hand written.

Mark VII makes the most inaccessible self serve unit ever?


I know I am always complaining about my Mark 7 self serve equipment, but it is only when I need to try and fix something.  The first picture shows the solenoid and needle valve that brings the wax to the high pressure water.  I needed to remove the needle valve, which sounds easy.  You just have to take the solenoid all apart and everything is so cramped, it is just terrible.  The second picture shows; on the left the high pressure soap solenoid valve and on the right the wax solenoid valve.  The high pressure soap it under the motor and is even harder to get to then the wax.  I hope that Mark 7 has changed some of this layout.  But I guess the previous owner could have did this?