WHAT? A website with Jim Coleman Vacuum model numbers? (Only one?) NO WAY! LOL :)

I was trying to figure out some Jim Coleman vacuum model numbers the other day and I was checking out Coleman’s web site.  Well I could not find a list.  I believe the Coleman numbers are random?  What on earth is the last number for?

Only the “R” makes any sense.

Model Number Coleman’s Web Site
92000 Economical Vacuum (I could not find information)
93000 Oval Vacuum – Super Vacuum (Vac only)
93050 Oval Vacuum – Scrub-N-Vac Vacuum (Shampoo & Vac)
93040 Oval Vacuum – Fresh-N-Vac Vacuum (Fragrance & Vac)
94000 Round Vacuum – Vacuum (Vac only)
94040 Round Vacuum – Combo Vacuum with Fragrance (Fragrance & Vac)
94050 Round Vacuum – Combo Vacuum with Shampoo (Shampoo & Vac)
13100 Air & Water Machine – Looks like a vacuum without the vacuum
94060 Round Vacuum – Air & Vacuum Machine
28010 Hot Foam Carpet Shampooer – Looks like a vacuum without the vacuum
46010 Round Vacuum – Misty Fragrance Machine
Model Numbers I Have (Or at least unique models I had pictures of)
93044 Oval Vacuum – Fresh-N-Vac Vacuum ONLY Ugly Teal
93052 Oval Vacuum – Scrub-N-Vac Vacuum (Shampoo & Vac) Ugly Teal Bill Acceptor and Swipe & Clean
93054 Oval Vacuum – Scrub-N-Vac Vacuum ONLY Ugly Teal
94042 Round Vacuum – Combo Vacuum with Fragrance ONLY Crusty Black Lambo Sticker
94050 Round Vacuum – Combo Vacuum with Shampoo
94052 Round Vacuum – Combo Vacuum with Shampoo ONLY Crusty Black Lambo Sticker
94052R Refurbished Round Vacuum – Combo Vacuum with Shampoo ONLY Crusty Black Lambo Sticker
By “ugly teal”  I am referring to that hideous teal sticker that Coleman has which I hope they discontinued in the 1980s.  Hard to know because it is all over their website still.
By “Crusty Black Lambo Sticker”  I am referring to that super dated black sticker with the random red Lamborghini on it which I hope Coleman has discontinued also.  I can only assume it came out in the 1980s also?
The stickers are probably irrelevant when talking about model numbers.
Best quote:  “Provide all the benefits of the 94040 and the 94050 models but without the vacuum.”  Yeah thanks…. I noticed the vacuum was missing.  LOL 🙂

Stupid Brand names…. Great customer service and the customer with a GOLDEN hammer!

Speaking of a nice guy…. I purchased this GOLDEN hammer today!  Why?  Well…. because I really like the customer service I get from the store.  Do I need this hammer?  No…. but I always purchase something from a local hardware store.  Something to think about when you provide great customer service.  (I have also been going to Fastenal lately and also ordered from them online.  Why?  Their customer service is so much better then a box store it is insane.)

I can not see much use for this hammer…. But my inner nerd can envision Bob Widlar using this hammer to widlarize something.  LOL 🙂

Car Wash / Work Gloves for the Cold Weather times…. or to Pick up the ladies…. or direct traffic. :)

Well these really seem like great gloves…. but it was only a little below freezing when I tried them.  But I am a baby in cold weather…. it is like I am 90 (actually my kid is even better then me 🙂 ) and I was wearing my Carhartt quilted work pants with my crappy USA made Welch big & tall suspenders which I actually like better than my high quality Carhartt suspenders.  (When I am wearing 100 pound pants they seem to want to fall off!  🙂 )  I also was wearing my matching Carhartt quilted flannel lined jacket so I could show I am a total baby when it gets cold and of course I was wearing a beanie maybe even a liner.  Also I looked stupid with matching dark brown pant and a jacket…. but last time I checked it was not a fashion show?  Or was it?  LOL 🙂

OKAY back to the point these G&F 1528XL GripMaster Cold Weather Work Gloves…. I probably like G&F dipped gloves the best.  But I also just purchased the Dewalt cold weather gloves which I have not tried yet (I wanted some all black gloves and a review claimed the Dewalt logo would come off!  It did not…. yet.).

Well the G&F gloves seemed pretty nice…. I open the equipment room door with my keys.  Also I could find the correct key!  I could use a Dixmor remote to do stuff…. also I could click the correct buttons on the remote (I believe every time)!  I repaired a problem using wrenches.  I could also control the wrenches and put the wrenches back in the wrap!  I could put money in coin acceptors…. this started to get a little harder.  But it was fine and I could control the quarter almost normally.  I could get out my Gerber (which is starting to rust…. I just noticed) I believe it is called the diesel multi-pinch?  LOL 🙂  I had it stored in that little utility / knife pocket I believe all carpenter pants have.  This is good that I was able to get my multi-pinch tool out because it will come in handy for the last challenge.  Picking up quarters from the ground!  First quarter was a little hard…. second well I gave up and used a different method.

I also got these gloves lightly wet and the water did not seep in while I worked the whole time…. the whole 5 minutes.  Yeah…. It was cold!  LOL 🙂  It was probably an hour or two I believe?

I would recommend everyone trying these out…. plus they are pretty cheap I believe at $5.99.  If you do purchase them let me know what you think.

LINK for gloves

Crusty Calcium Brass

Interesting how it was just a large chunk of crusty calcium.  I just slightly tapped the fitting on a stainless steel surface and everything worked great.

What might have happened was…. I took everything apart and slammed the brass fitting repeatedly against the stainless surface until all the little pieces came out?  I do not really remember?  🙂

Water leak? Can you spot all of them?

Can you spot the 2 water leaks?  I only spotted one at the time…. but usually larger stupid looking leaks grab your attention more!  LOL 🙂

This image might help…. The second leak is past a ball valve for the weep system.  (I am thinking I have neglected to notice this problem because of global warming…. which ironically was created by the production of solar panels.  At least I think so?  I need a grant to study this.  🙂 )  Anyway it has been warm this winter and I have not used my weep system very much.

Why can’t politicians do something about telemarketers?

Or a telemarketing campaign.  LOL 🙂

My real problem is over priced business utilities…. but yet the utilities sell their mailing list to make even more money.  Shouldn’t we be getting cheaper utility cost then the homeowner?  A commercial phone line is the absolute worse offender.  I never got mail at my wash until I got a phone line…. just saying.  (I also HATE TIVO…. didn’t I PAY for the service!  Do I get money for the ads or the monitoring I endure?  One or the other…. I mean if you are ethical I believe…. My opinion obviously.  🙂 )

1-800-542-7885  My “business information is at risk…. it is important for the business owner calls us back”!  I like how they appear local by changing the caller id…. also it seems odd that they claim they are in Bessemer, AL.  I do not have a car wash in Bessemer…. but I do use an utility that is located in Bessemer?  Odd?  Or not odd at all.  LOL 🙂

Also I believe these type of scams or misappropriations of the truth are great money makers (in my opinion unless they are illegal?).  I need to start one myself…. I have learned first hand how gullible people are lately.  Why can’t I profit also!  JK or am I?  LOL 🙂

The internet may have gobbled your business information up!  (I could not bother to check to see if you have a website first…. I have 20,000 more people to call!)  But I am the tube slayer!  I can build a website out of nothing!  Nothing I say!  Only notepad and phone!  I can give your business hope in this uncertain time!  Please before I have to delete this Warren Buffett quote off this page!  Please!  If not I will call back tomorrow…. then the next day and the next.  Thanks this incident was a close call for your business!  We can help…. message me below!  LOL 🙂