Car Wash / Work Gloves for the Cold Weather times…. or to Pick up the ladies…. or direct traffic. :)

Well these really seem like great gloves…. but it was only a little below freezing when I tried them.  But I am a baby in cold weather…. it is like I am 90 (actually my kid is even better then me 🙂 ) and I was wearing my Carhartt quilted work pants with my crappy USA made Welch big & tall suspenders which I actually like better than my high quality Carhartt suspenders.  (When I am wearing 100 pound pants they seem to want to fall off!  🙂 )  I also was wearing my matching Carhartt quilted flannel lined jacket so I could show I am a total baby when it gets cold and of course I was wearing a beanie maybe even a liner.  Also I looked stupid with matching dark brown pant and a jacket…. but last time I checked it was not a fashion show?  Or was it?  LOL 🙂

OKAY back to the point these G&F 1528XL GripMaster Cold Weather Work Gloves…. I probably like G&F dipped gloves the best.  But I also just purchased the Dewalt cold weather gloves which I have not tried yet (I wanted some all black gloves and a review claimed the Dewalt logo would come off!  It did not…. yet.).

Well the G&F gloves seemed pretty nice…. I open the equipment room door with my keys.  Also I could find the correct key!  I could use a Dixmor remote to do stuff…. also I could click the correct buttons on the remote (I believe every time)!  I repaired a problem using wrenches.  I could also control the wrenches and put the wrenches back in the wrap!  I could put money in coin acceptors…. this started to get a little harder.  But it was fine and I could control the quarter almost normally.  I could get out my Gerber (which is starting to rust…. I just noticed) I believe it is called the diesel multi-pinch?  LOL 🙂  I had it stored in that little utility / knife pocket I believe all carpenter pants have.  This is good that I was able to get my multi-pinch tool out because it will come in handy for the last challenge.  Picking up quarters from the ground!  First quarter was a little hard…. second well I gave up and used a different method.

I also got these gloves lightly wet and the water did not seep in while I worked the whole time…. the whole 5 minutes.  Yeah…. It was cold!  LOL 🙂  It was probably an hour or two I believe?

I would recommend everyone trying these out…. plus they are pretty cheap I believe at $5.99.  If you do purchase them let me know what you think.

LINK for gloves