Fun with mud – Update


5 days later and the pit is full of mud again. I think that this year is worse than last. Greg told me it was hunting season so that is probably the problem? I am thinking that some “NO HEAVY MUD ALLOWED” signs are needed. Then maybe something like a $25 cleanup and loss revenue charge? Do you think you could collect that?  I was kind of irritated about the mud today.

My bags?


One of my Coleman vacuums was not working right.  I checked the amount of dirt it collected, which was not much but I emptied it anyway.  I checked the motors and they seemed fine.  Then I checked the vacuums bags, which I forgot about.  Problem solved!

Too slow!


I was too slow to talk to this guy today.  I watched this guy vacuum his truck then take a garbage bag out of the back of his truck.  Instead of running over to him (the only way I would have made it) I decided to take a picture.  While taking a picture he got in his truck and left…..wooooops!  Apparently he threw away a lot of clothing also.

Broken back up air compressor – Update


Well, I installed the belt today.  First I removed 3 bolts (3/8″) that hold down everything (last picture).


Then removed 4 bolts (3/8″) from the pump thing.  This is how you get the belt on.


Then put the belt around the plunger then around the small gear.  Then roll it around the large gear.  Done!

Misc. information about the compressor:

To order the belt just call 1-888-895-4549 and ask for the 007-0068 belt.  It is the only belt they ship / sell, so it is easy.

Kobalt (aka Lowes 99007 vlk1582609) 26 gallon air compressor manual:

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