Okay… So Audi makes crap car stereos? But Dr. Dre makes super headphones? WTF is wrong with this society?


Is this even legal to wear over the ear headphones while driving? I have been wanting to get this elusive picture and still did not get a good picture. I should have got a video though. I was embarrassed watching him… but I wasn’t him? So I guess I should say he just looked like a fool? His tag says he is a firefighter? But maybe it’s his Dad’s car?  Also he was hearing a headband… you know Gun n’ Roses style.  🙂  That was the head movements he was making also.  (Not kidding… well maybe not that bad.   🙂

(I did not really see how old the driver was. But I would assume the only people purchasing Dr. Dre anything would be people under 20…. actually why would people under 20 know about Dr. Dre? Shouldn’t only old farts my age be sporting Dr. Dre headphone? Is this an alternate universe?)