JKO Mat Cleaner BB-4


I ended up selling this unit…. but the J-KO Mat Cleaner is really pretty nice.  All stainless steel.

Only difference between the BB-4 and the BB-X is the GinSan GS-11 timer (standard vacuum timer – non-accumulating) and the front buttons. Well also the case has some places for locks and there is a shield for the mat return.  But you could compare the pictures I have.  I guess there are a couple differences?  🙂

The BB-X is preprogrammed to automatically turn off after 2 minutes. The BB-4 has an on off switch.

Arimitsu Plunger Pumps Prices- Inflation is….. well supply and demand probably!

This has become the dumbest argument I have ever heard.  Sure stuff produced in Japan is great!  Japan is NOT china!

My point…. this argument is as dumb as comparing Canon and Nikon dslr cameras…. even though technically Nikon is better for still pictures!  LOL 🙂  Apparently, Canon is better for video?  But purchasing a dslr for video is like purchasing an apple iphone as a smart phone.  It just makes no logical since…. why not purchase a professional Canon video camera which is designed to record video?  (Plus why support China and Apple?  Also their product is not good.)

So my point…. I remember going to car wash trade shows and seeing the Arimitsu booths…. long long ago.  🙂  They have a line of pumps…. but none of them actually compare directly to the main self serve 310 Cat Pump.  Which actually might be their strategy at making you purchase their more expensive Arimitsu 516 pump?  But after anyone compares and contrasts the differences between the Cat pumps and the Arimitsu pumps.  The comparison comes down to this:  (All prices quoted from KR which is where I would purchase it from.)

Arimitsu 313 4 GPM 1500 PSI $535.80 Seal kit:  $91.50
Arimitsu 516 4 GPM 2300 PSI $705.00 Seal kit:  $94.55
Arimitsu 516 With Rails $756.70 Seal kit:  $94.55
Cat 310 4 GPM 2200 PSI $635.99 Seal kit:  $77.72
Cat 530 5 GPM 2500 PSI $993.70 Seal kit:  $78.30
Cat 5CP2120W 4 GPM 2500 PSI $565.00 Seal kit:  $81.78
Arimitsu 516 In 2007 $484.44 Increase:  $220.56 8 years
Arimitsu 516 In 2009 $531.10 Increase:  $173.90 6 years
Cat 310 In 2009 $610 Increase:  $24.99 6 years

So the question no one can answer…. Why pick Arimitsu 313 over a Cat 310…. When you are going to run your pump at > 1200 psi and around 3-4 gpm?  Also the Arimitsu 313 is cheaper and is quoted as a replacement for the Cat 310 but…. It would be a terrible replacement.  Would you really purchase a pump that maxes out at 1500 psi if you run your pump at 1200 psi or higher?  That is why everyone eventually determines you need the 516.  Thus…. the Arimitsu cost more and the seal kit also cost more.  Okay…. Soooo why are the Arimitsu pumps better then Cat again?  Besides maybe being quieter then the Cat 310?

Now in 2007…. when the Arimitsu pumps WERE CHEAPER then the Cat pumps.  (I could only find a price I wrote down from 2009 for the 310 Cat pump but that was Arimitsu’s marketing…. also that their seal kits were cheaper.)  I do understand why people will replace a pump because they have a 30 year old Cat pump and they want to replace it with the same Cat pump.  I totally understand that.  Now…. replacing a 30 year old Cat pump that caused no trouble with a pump you never heard of that cost the same or more?  It is like shopping for a 65k Mercedes then purchasing a 70k Hyundai…. sure they cost about the same and drive the same.  But you should probably purchase a Honda…. what were we talking about?  LOL  🙂  This seems like just replacing a manufacturer for fun…. unless you replaced all your pumps.  If you do not replace all your pumps…. now you will have to maintain 2 brands of pumps.  WOW maintaining 2 brands makes this an even worse idea!

Now I know since all car wash owners are cheap…. someone out there purchased a Giant high pressure pump.  I like them they are RED!  I am not kidding…. I am more interested how long a Giant pump or some other cheap pump will last then some expensive Cat or Arimitsu pump does.  Who cares if your Cat or Arimitsu pump is maintenance free since 2007!  LOL 🙂  Impressed I am not.

Also another thing about Arimitsu…. apparently you can call them and they try and cut out the middle man (everyone that purchased an Arimitsu seems to mention this).  So it might be cheaper from “Greg”.  Which is usually a really bad business strategy…. Fragramatics anyone?  🙂  But I also hate when companies make you go through distributors (which in theory SHOULD be better)…. like Unitec.  So maybe you can not win with me?  🙂

Jim Coleman Super Saver fuse: GMA 5a 125v ?

Well…. this is the fuses I use in my Jim Coleman Super Saver. 🙂 I guess I would have to read to figure out if this is the original/correct amps.

This is a 5 x 20mm fast-acting glass tube fuse. The GMA Series.

I actually hate these fuses and I wish Coleman used a more standard fuse you could purchase at Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot or ever auto part stores. It is almost like they want you to purchase the fuses from them? LOL 🙂

I actually believe it was…. Home Depot who had them last time I needed one. But…. they only had 2-4. One time I had to rewire to another inline fuse. When you have a short it usually takes more then one fuse to find the problem! LOL 🙂

Used Car Wash Equipment for Sale

Yes…. I have used carwash equipment for sale…. But I do sell my equipment for a reasonable rate…. I would expect to pay.  If I needed the item…. I try and treat others how I would have wanted to be treated purchasing items. 🙂 Not scrap price and not carwashconsignment.com price either…. so my prices are actually reasonable if you need the equipment.  LOL 🙂  My equipment link is here Stuff to Purchase.  But this list is not complete and I have a ton of other stuff.  I also have some sources for other equipment. 

I am all the time purchasing used car wash equipment at the right price.  So yes I will purchase your old car wash equipment for the right price.  Anything at the right price…. Oh and I have purchased some stupid stuff.  🙂  Then I will be stuck with it for 5-10 year trying to sell it!  LOL 🙂

UPDATE: What is a….. *ORIGINAL* Replacement Sensor for Dixmor Weep Mizer (TI0100) $40.00


I am done dissecting these…. I will also revise my precious post/comments.  I believe they use hot glue.  Which is apparently a thing people do?  Also people claim freezing hot glue helps it separate?  Which it did not…. so it might be something else?  Also the leads and solder joints might just not be cleaned?  (“No clean” solder flux residue) Corroded leads look different…. but I am not sure how corroded leads look under hot glue?  The matter what…. every time I need a sensor I try all my extras.  Which never work.

I do know something…. Gin-San uses epoxy or some resin…. for some reason?  Probably just to be…….. well it does not make their timer last longer.  At least that is what I have seen and heard.  Plus by their price of the timer and lack of features on some…. it adds money to the bottom line.  In my opinion.  🙂  Like the GinSan GS-31 (Which I have 5-6 for sale if you want some! 🙂 ) why does it cost $400 new…. when you need another $100 timer?