Weep system problem


I am having a weep system problem.  The solenoid it always open.  Randy, I believe, a long time ago said it was mounted incorrectly.  So I turned the solenoid 90 degrees.  I was still having the same problem.  The solenoid was not energized and I think it is not getting power.


I opened the junction box and a white wire and a red wire is running though the conduit.  There are two red wires connected to the solenoid.  The white wire splits to two red wires and the red wire it red all the way.  Not sure what the problem is or how to wire the solenoid, I need to look at the directions.


I also looked at the Weep Mizer system and decided to clean the wires up.  There might have been a short previously because of the black marks on the wire harness.  While messing with the wire harness I almost burnt my thumb.

Another sign


I have been nice leaving up signs on the lot.  But today they threw the sign in my garbage can.  Of course it is the only thing that fit and everyone threw garbage everywhere. 

Christmas shopping at the car wash


I went shopping this year at the car wash for William and my sister.  William got 4 Barnhill shirts and my sister got a Blockbuster shirt, a white shirt thing and a green skirt.


I got 2 monitors for Christmas from my parents.  This is me surprised, even though I picked them out.  They are ViewSonic VG2021m, they are replacing my old Sony 21" crt monitors. 


I also got this from my wife.  "Know when to not do-it-yourself"