Website Suggestions

The old media and old people do not rule the earth anymore when it comes to the majority of the money you want!  They will also not be allowed to drive soon (I hope my parents can’t now for everyone’s sake!).  The yellow pages are stupid to advertize with and every time anyone under 30 receives that book…. the first place it goes is the garbage can.  What a waste of effort!

YOU WANT PEOPLE UNDER 30….   So stuff you want does not really matter….  Sorry.

Your business needs to be on the web if you want the majority of people these days.

I have heard all you need is a Social presence.  I believe that is a noble idea in theory.  But think for one second…. what happens when FaceBook is gone?  Or twitter?  Or when Google shuts down Google+ (which is actually better than FB)?  You will have nothing.  You need a permanent location or your own website.  If you also want a Social presence that is a great idea…. think about dual posting your comments.  Of quad posting to all the sites?

Plus another thing you need to remember with that age segment…. the majority of times in general.  People will be using a tablet or phone…. but when looking for a car wash they will be searching from their phone.  Probably in their car…. driving.  Also adding the fact the majority of people use android devices…. these people will be using Google to search for your location.  Which means…. you should have a presence on Google+ and a website.  Even if Apple somehow takes the market back…. having a website will protect you.  (But it will never happen.  🙂 )