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I like to say I would purchase anything at the correct price…. but 99.9% of car wash equipment posted on the internet I would not purchase. People are crazy with there prices! πŸ™‚ I know this stuff is expensive…. but when you are replacing it because it is garbage. Well it’s not worth half price! LOL πŸ™‚

This page is to help you identify certain old brands, parts and makes of products.

American Changer – Portal AC-8001 actual name: AC8001 Automatic Carwash Pay Station
American Changer 2505 not a 7805 Multi-Bill & Coin Changer
American Changer Corp – AC 2007 AC2007 Credit Card Token Dispenser – Rear Load
Hamilton S-540-XRS Tube Changer

Pumping station
Carolina Pride – Performa 6000 pumping station…. I think?
Comtec System Inc. Self Serve Vacs
Jim Coleman Power Pack with PLC
iWash 5 Bay Self Serve
Ryko Power Wash IV

Belenger – Vector
Southern Pride – Turbo
Southern Pride – Orbitor

Jim Colman Water Wizard 1.0 Off-Board Control Panel Parts
Jim Coleman Water Wizard 1.0 with Red Lion CL20 CL20010

Entry unit
Unitec E-Systems E-4000 Carwash Entry System
Unitec Wash Select II door differences and designs
Unitech Portal TI LOTS OF PICS
Unitech Portal TI w/RFID
Unitech Portal TI w/RFID
Unitec Electronics Sentinel Pay System
Unitec – Enterlink
Hamilton Carwash Auto Cashier Acw5
Standard Guardian XP Car Wash Pay Station
Jim Coleman Company – Entry Wizard 2
Hamilton – Goldline
PDQ – Access
Hamilton – ACW-3/4
Hamilton – ACW 4
Hamilton – ACW 5
Hamilton – ACW 5 without a CC computer
Hamilton Autec Auto Cashier
ICS – 2-Autosentry EXP
Standard Change Maker – GUARDIAN XP-BX
Hamilton ACW 4 v1.4 controller Rev. 1 / Rev. 3 or the 2 line display version.

Hamilton E-Controller Gold Line or ACW? Β Part # 49-9455

Credit card systems
GinSan Liberator Credit Card System
Hamilton DTT or DTI Timer
Jim Coleman swipe-n-clean timer on a non-swipe-n-clean Jim Coleman
Jim Coleman Swipe @ The Bay magic black box! SATB-1041
Jim Coleman Swipe-N-Clean Swipe IN Clean B&C Electronic Engineering, Inc.
Jim Coleman Swipe @ The Bay or should you say B&C Electronic Engineering, Inc. Swipe @ The Bay?

Hamilton Goldline display
D&S Drop Shelf Vendor
IDX Coin Vault with Meter box, X-Mark Model 10 Multi-coin acceptor and IDX AT411E-L-X timer
Hamilton Changer Part 100-0099 Car Wash Single Stacker Comb Kit
JKO Mat Cleaner BB-4 or J-KO BB-X

Raypak Hot Water Boiler H3-0182 Output: 148,000 Natural Gas 182-400 series
Paloma Tankless Hot Water Heater

Dixmor LED 6S timer multifunction for a vacuum and a bay
IDX BT900 BigTime TwoTimer from Fragramatics Vacuum
Jim Coleman Swipe & Clean 1032S Timer

Ebay guys fake Coleman vacuum…. basically the same item.

Vacuum timers
GinSan Gin San Timer Vacuum Vending Meter Box GS-8 Car Wash

Jim Coleman Laurel drop vendor set / 6 vendors
D/H Dilling-Harris Max-Vend II glass (plastic) front Vending Machine

48-3112 Hamilton Handheld Cable

Cat Pump Rod Connecting Accembly 43345 / 45883 Cross Reference
AMI BP207-20 Pillow Block 2 Bolt 1.25 Bore

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