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This information was taken from Hamilton’s website from the car wash section on 5/12/2013 for informational purposes.  Also for historical value and knowledge/reference.  Original location was:
I am not including all FAQs… because I don’t believe they really are frequently asked questions…. Like:
Where is the controller located?
How do I find the model and version of my controller?

What do the letters in the model number mean?
(Example: ACWv4.23_ _ _ _ _)

C = capable of accepting credit cards with the push-pull credit card reader
D = capable with accepting codes with the Hamilton Audit Code System
E = capable of driving an external display
T = capable of accepting codes with a POS4000
BC9 = capable of accepting credit cards with the retro fit credit card reader
US1 = capable of dispensing $1 coins from the hopper


My machine says “out of service”, how do I reset it?

Hit the yellow button on the controller (1) time, it will tell you the error that caused the machine to go out of service. Then hit the yellow button (1) more time to acknowledge the error.

The ACWII, III, and some ACW4 controllers have a 2-line display on them. They also have a reset button on the top that must be pushed back in before hitting the yellow button.

(I do own some older ACW4 boards (somewhere?) that I believe have the 2-line display…. I will have to check out this silly dual button pressing routine. : )


My welcome prompt changed to “Payment Options…Use bills or coins”. Why and how do I reset it?

A problem has occurred with one of your payment options. The payment option(s) that are missing from the altered welcome prompt have experienced a problem. Turn the machine OFF for 30 seconds to return to your normal welcome prompt.

(I would add that there might also be a problem with the payment type that is not displayed? 🙂 Maybe for example my cc acceptor is actually broken?)


How do I convert my auto cashier to dispense $1 coins?

A larger pinwheel must be purchased for the hopper and the controller must be upgraded with the US1 program. Any controller that does not have a reset button on the top can be upgraded to the US1 program.

(This suggests that you have to update your firmware? This FAQ… or answer is no help. But if you READ all the FAQs (which is not hard) the firmware version does have an extension of “US1” for the dollar coin…. uncool! But if you read the description for “US1” it says “capable of dispensing $1 coins from the hopper” does that mean you can select if you want to dispense the dollar or the quarter…. FAQ HELP?)


Can I add a receipt printer to my machine?

The Gold Line is the only machine capable of giving a receipt for transactions.

(NO!  🙂  Interesting they didn’t add this feature…. but allow auditing via printer? You would think you could pick if you want to print receipts for the ACW or audit?)


The receipt printer is issuing a receipt, but not printing anything on the receipt?

Make sure the paper has been installed properly. The paper should come over the top of the roll and then feed into the printer.
(No clue what this means. Unless people can not follow directions? or is the ACV printing receipts and not audits?)

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