Never Interact With Friends! Especially at a Friends Birthday Party!

It looks like an Apple convention! No actually the cheaper Kindle Fire was the winner with I think 3 and 1 ipad. One poor girl was slumming it with an itouch….. Loser! All the adults seemed to have iphones < = 4 except for one lady with a Blackberry...... Loser! My iphone crapped out and I was sporting an iphone original! So I was kicking it old school with the worse phone there by far (if my newer iphone was working it would still be the worse phone coming in at a 3gs). But I was "talking to people"...... Loser, I know! Why interact with people when you can just play a game? What is happening to this WORLD!?

Anyone have an iphone 4 I can purchase? I want to play this cool new game! 🙂