Water Wizard problem

Problem with the Water Wizard.  An oscillating motor is shorting out.  My Dad says that the motor needs to be rewired.  William, is off today so he will fix it tomorrow.  It was a crappy rainy day today.

Hydrominder problem

I had a hydrominder problem sometime yesterday.  I also ran through all the chemical.  When I showed up today water was coming out of the holding tank.  The hydrominder valve would not seat correctly?  Water would come out when the magnetic was not even on it.  The first fix was to replace the valve.  It worked fine then it over flowed again.  Then I used the old valve and replaced the valve body.  The old valve body looked fine but the new valve body made everything work and did not over flow when I was there.

Wax problem in a bay – Update

Well, this switch really made me angry today.  I tried with the old switch forever.  The tire cleaner and the wax still did not work.  Then when I put the new switch on.  Guess what still did not work.  So I figured out that the tire cleaner wire was not connected.  Then the wax wire on the block thing was broke off.  So I wasted all this time when I should have checked the wires better.

This is a normal solution for me make it as hard and time consuming as possible.  Mission accomplished.  But, I have a new switch now.

Wax problem in a bay

I was having a problem with my high pressure wax, none was coming out in one of the bays.  It was working yesterday, so like normal I assumed it was the solenoid.  The solenoid had dirt and had crap all stuck in it.  But it was not the solenoid this time.

It was the bay switch again.  This time it had two wires that were off.  Then I tried to get the knob off.  Which I broke and I can not find my spares.  Then I tried to get the switch nut off.  When I did this I screwed the switch like shown.  This really pissed me off.  So I gave up and closed the bay.  Tomorrow, I will have to try and fix this.  I have a spare switch.  But I do not know how I will get the other switch off to try and fix it.  I hope I can fix the old switch but I screwed the plastic gray thing.