Good Job! Now I Have Chipped Bricks!


All that work for 1 quarter!  Really!  I remember when I tried to remove one of these vaults…..  I had power tools and stuff and I gave up!  I think if I gave the guy a whole day with a hammer and a chisel he couldn’t get it out.

Oh BTW I got the safe from the other car wash after a bulldozer knocked it out.

FragraMatics Vacuum Shampooer Brush


Nobody is going to be stealing your FragraMatics shampooer brush unless they cut the hose.  I actually think this is a little ridiculous.  You have to take out the screw which you really don’t need (There is no way the hose is going anywhere).  Then I guess you have to remove the outside metal piece (second picture).  Then the hose needs to be unscrewed from the nut that it is mounted in.  Oh and that is not fun!



Did you know that dead rats were stinky?  All you have to do to confirm this it hold the dead rat close to your face or walk in the same bay (if you are at a car wash).

Air Compressor VS Window – Update


FYI:  When you have a crackly window, don’t slam your doors!  A hole may appear and chunks of glass might / will fall all over the place.  The fix you ask?  Everyone has seen it, but don’t make a rookie mistake and use Duct Tape that will mess up your paint and might pull the paint off!  Use painters tape and it looks coooooool!