I am not saying I am smarter then a Plumber but….

plumber mistake

If you want to see the kind of kitchen faucet we purchased it kind of looks like this one on amazon:  https://amzn.to/2B4hUhB The new thing is getting a faucet that is all together. Which use to mean they were cheap? Who knows? 🙂

So we are getting new counter tops…. Don’t look at me that way.  I can install my own faucet!  LOL 🙂  Plus it was “included in the price”.   In fact I already installed the faucet and know for a fact the faucet worked perfectly.  Which kind of hurt credibility I believe?  🙂

So the plumber tells my kids he is leaving and my kids find me and say “everything works fine except no hot water”.  Great…. So I go meet the Plumber at his van ask “do you think you have one of the hoses crimped?”  The reason I asked this pointed question was I had this exact issue.  🙂  Plumber says checked everything…. blaw blaw blaw.  Basically the new faucet is broken…. “it is clogged and needs parts”  So I come back in the house take the picture above…. Move the hose and WHAT hot water fixed I am a plumber now.  🙂  (I believe I need to go work for someone for 10 years slave labor like the old times actually?)

This Moen pull down kitchen faucet design is seriously flawed I believe for normal people to install…. I mean seriously a plumber could not do it.  No joke.  It could be easily fixed but basic trouble shooting should help.  I even asked the Plumber “does the hot water come out of the fitting in the wall?”  Plumber “yes”.  If it comes out of the fitting in the wall and the sprayer is off (which the sprayer is probably the most likely to get clogged it also has a screen in it) the hose is probably the issue?  Well it was the issue twice!  LOL 🙂  Just look at the brass fitting in the above picture…. Moen knows there is no room and there is an issue.  Propitiatory fittings (I believe?) and the plastic fitting on the sprayer are also a nasty touch.

So all this car wash trouble shooting knowledge does have a practical use?! WHAT?  LOL 🙂  Also the “Plumber” sounds like a “Distributor”….  “Replace it”.  Owner “But…. What about just replacing that switch?”  LOL 🙂  At least I thought the story was funny.  🙂