Some annoying and fun problems


I got to dig out pits at both of my carwashes, which is always fun.  I had a RO leak which rained on me when I was in the equipment room, which was fun.  Then I somehow got a stick stuck under my car, which was fun for a while.  But the sound of scratching gets a little annoying.

Flojet air leak – Again with a MEP1 help update


Today my flojet air hose was cracked again.  I guess I am tightening this to tight?  Well, I decided to try MEP1’s idea about using 3/8″ i.d. hose alone with 1/2″ i.d. about 1″ of each kind.


Sliding this on is fairly easy.


I put the barb in then tried to put the 1/2″ i.d. hose onto the setup.  I could not get the 1/2″ to go all the way on (because of the barb) but I just trimmed the excess off with a razor blade.  Then I put a hose clamp on and I was done.  Thanks to MEP1 for the suggestion.


I have always liked the i-wash setup and I am trying to get some more information on their product to do a little review on their product.  Don Scordo (president of iwash) sent me these pictures of their equipment.  The first picture is a 4 bay setup, I really love how compact and clean it is.  (A little nicer setup then mine.)  The second picture is their factory floor and the third picture is a 6 bay but I am not really sure why it is so large?

I also like their meter boxes but you will have to go to their web site at then i-wash then brochure. 

Question?  I am trying to remember the name of a vendor that sells a system which just uses injectors to deliver the products.  They also vend about 14 different products.  If someone could tell me the name of the company I could send you a prize?  Like a smelly baseball cap or something?

Flojet air leak


My flojet pump air hose had a leak. Is there a better way to attach the air line to the flojet barb? Can you purchase something other then a barb? This just seems to be a consistent problem.

Reusable fitting problem


I was going to clean up the bay and the hose fell out of the boom.  This is my first reusable fitting problem.  Looks like the hose just wore out?


My new setup in the boom is a 6 foot hose then a 4 inch piece of stainless steel then a 90.  Then a 1 foot swivel saver along with a swivel and a 8 foot hose.  The reason I used the shorter hose in the boom with the high pressure stainless steel pipe was so the boom would not rub a hole in the high pressure hose.  Hope is lasts well.

Weird vacuum motor problem?


I was having a weird vacuum motor problem?  It seemed to work when it wanted to, but it always was pushing lots of air out of the motor.  I was going to check the motor brushes anyway and noticed the seal was gone.  I believe the seal wore away and caused the suction problem.  So I went to Lowes and purchased some rubber gaskets.


I cut a hole in the rubber gasket and it started to work again.  Yea!

Why reading sometimes is good?


Yes, I already got this fixed before.  Yes, I might have broken it while installing it the first time.  Yes, I think Dixmor is the best for repairing stuff.

 So I installed the DX-1000 Weep Mizer which means that I had to remove my Rube Goldberg weep system.


I purchased an Asco Red-Hat II normally open solenoid.  After installing the solenoid I needed to attach the 3 wires coming out of the solenoid.  I decided to install the 2 red wires to the black wire and the green and yellow wire to the white power wire.  This was the wrong way and not cutting the power first caused a huge mini-sun flash.  It also turned my glove black and shocked me pretty good, making my pinkie numb.  I closed my eyes and I could still see this bright light.  Then after installing the wires correctly I figured out that I installed the solenoid the wrong direction.  The solenoid would not close all the way when installed the wrong way, who would have thought?  So the moral of the story is to try and read the instructions after you get shocked?