Oxygen bar?


I understand the purpose of breathing “oxygen”.  But please inform me what the purpose is of the “oxygen” bar and what is with the different colors?

WashWorld – Moto Express Wash


I was amazed with this product, along with how much it costs ($75,000).  You just have to clean an awful lot of motorcycles / bicycles to pay for it.  It sure is not for every location.  I even have a video!


cwguy.com ICA best of show!


This product is coming soon and is just for MDB coin changers/coin mechs right now.  But this cool new MEI product is the Cashflow Series 2000 VNR Vending Recycler.  It has a flashy front bezel with leds on it and can also use standard non-flashy bezels.  But the best feature is the bill recycler piece.  The recycler module holds up to 30 bills then will spit them out for change instead of a bill breaker.  Just think about having one of these in your entry unit and giving bills as change instead of change!

UPDATED 20160820:  http://www.meigroup.com/usa/vending/vending_products/bill_acceptors/vn2700_bill_validator/datasheet.pdf

Bette Midler show

So walking into the show I realized that there were metal detectors? Really? For Bette Midler? Was there an assassination atempt I missed in the news? But after the metal detector, there was “empty your pockets” and you have to “check your camera”! What! Check your camera? I did not even want to take a picture until then. So I took a picture.

The last picture shows the checked camera line.