Switch replacement – Update


After cooling off from yesterday today I fixed the problem.  Below it the special color coding.

11 – black white, bk wh 21 – black white,  12 –   22 – orange,  13 – purple,  14 – brown, brown 24 – red,  15 – grey,  16 – brown, brown 26 – dark blue,  17 – brown,black 27 – blue-white,  18 –   28 – black

Switch replacement


Time again for a switch replacement.  I always hate replacing switches because you can never get the switch off and the switch is always stuck.  This time was no exception but nothing a hammer could not fix.  The only problem was all the wires fell off of the switch in the meter box.  Not good.  So I got angry and gave up.

Lock the vacuums up?


I guess it is about time to lock all the vacuums up again.  The vacuum thief is leaving the doors open randomly and making a mess.  The only problem is when I lock the doors he/she is going to break into them like last time.  What a hassle.

Refill time


Time to refill most of the chemicals, which is fun since I purchase everything in 50 gallon drums now.  So I have to pump all the chemical out then pour it.

Police called me last night!


Someone broke into my vendor last night and apparently the Police called Greg.  Then Greg gave the Police my phone number.  I was actually sleeping (1:30 am) with the phone in my pocket and did not hear them call twice somehow.

I just brought the broken piece of Plexiglas to Lowes so they could cut me a new one.  For the Dilling & Harris Max-Vend II Vendor I purchased a .220 thick piece of glass x 20 7/8 x 16 5/16 inches.