Hamilton Changer Part 100-0099 Car Wash Single Stacker Comb Kit


Yeah…. I have this part! To bad this ebay listing and Kleen-Rite do not explain what this part is for. I assume it is for the Hamilton bill acceptors? Rowe had something similar. This is also a reason I hate ebay. KR’s price is $21.60 plus shipping and the ebay guy is $21.98 shipped. I pick KR for sure…. I want to save more money to pick a less know vendor.

Jim Coleman Water Wizard 1.0 with Red Lion CL20 CL20010


Do you have a Jim Coleman Water Wizard 1.0 or 2.0? Do you know where the data is stored on the unit? I was over at Greg’s wash the other day and during normal conversation this came up. Seems normal right? LOL 🙂 Well I have researched the redlion cl20 and how to program the device in the past but I got confused with the answer to the question. I thought this might help someone? If anyone knows or cares how stuff works? 🙂 The plc actually stores the data and the red lion is just the interface. Which the guy that corrected me immediately reminded me of that fact. I also checked it indirectly today while testing my new/used red lion I just purchased for way to much money! Which confirms the red lion does not store data. JFYI

Also the Red Lion is just an interface…. like your tv and your remote which is programmable. You do not leave on your tv to record things do you? DO NOT ANSWER YES! 🙂

What is also interesting about not caring about how anything works…. besides the large percentage of car wash owners. My guess is 75% mostly express people. Computer programmers were bad also…. some programmers did not even know basic information about the box they programmed on all day. Some never even visited it! I visited all the computer rooms everyday…. even when there was no need to! LOL 🙂

GinSan Gin San Timer Vacuum Vending Meter Box GS-8 Car Wash


I have a collect of pictures…. of equipment.  The link is located at the top of the page.  It is called “Product Id Page“…. not sure why?  🙂

24v AC Accumulating Timer  http://www.ginsan.com/techspecsA/07%20tab%207/tg-278.pdf

GS-7, GS-8, GS-75, GS-85, GS87 and GS-255 are all the same except the GS-87 and GS-255 can accept tokens.  Or Ginsan has the worse Technical Sheet ever?  Could go either way.  🙂

The GS-8, GS-85, GS-87 and GS-255 have re-settable 4 digit coin counters.

The GS-8, GS-85, GS-87 and GS-255 also have a “Eveready” Not “Duracell” battery so if the power goes off while a customer is putting money in.  Which happens ALL the time!  🙂

Box of random parts…. Can you guess what they are from? :)


Baldor EM4103T Motor 25HP, 1770RPM, 3 Phase, TEFC KR: $2,100.15

3535 CAT PUMPS- 36 GPM, 1200 PSI, 30.0 Max HP KR: $4,150

I have purchased 2 x 25HP motors both were descrpbed as follpeing – “Like New, Used for about 3-4 Months… then taken out of service…” This one is a lot nicer then my other motor though.

If you wany to offer me scrap price plus free shipping give me a call! LOL 🙂

Listen….. anyone selling vaca for scap price and free shipping. PLEASE CALL ME FIRST…. PLEASE! LOVE CWGUY 🙂

119,000 CARS IN 3 MONTHS! Oh…. I got this email it is almost ICA time! :)

Check out this AMAZING testimony by Quality Car Wash in Holland, MI “Totally Tommy” Gas/Wash/C-store Model
I had no idea Tommy sold gas pumps for C-stores! 🙂

I always hate emails like this Quality CW/C-Store emails. The success of Quality Car Wash has zero to do with using any equipment. They are placing a C-Store which takes a very good location. So for Quality CW it should have been zero surprise that the express wash was a success? If it was…. well that is very scary! 🙂
705 Chicago Dr, Holland, MI 49423

That said…. I believe Tommy equipment looks the best by far. Their building looks great also…. probably their main selling point? Like those old LightHouse Autec buildings. But I have heard bad things about their fancy Tommy buildings…. call some of the owners I guess? But this other location could have been installed incorrectly? Or the person that told me was mistaken? Also isn’t MacNeil equipment hands down the best equipment? Then if you want cheap you purchase…. Well this might have changed? 🙂

They also say it is completely “all without a loading attendant and you can too!”.
Yes…. I believe everyone knows this secret? Belt conveyor…. doesn’t everyone sell these? But there are trade offs. First is not having a “loading attendant” will cut down on your through put. Basically just like the picture they included in their video! LOL 🙂 Second…. (The same Tommy location with the building problem has a belt conveyor) they have problems with cleaning tires. Guess why…. if you can pull in however you want?

I did not add the link of the video because it actually made me motion sick…. sorry. It was shot with an octocopter…. plus time-lapse very bad video.
focusedcarwash.com booth 1138 if you want to leapfrog the competition”