Albertville Tornado Hit my Dad’s Express

UPDATE: My Dad ended up rebuilding the wash and told me he reused all the tunnel equipment. So it was not a total loss. He only had to replace the outside equipment that was stolen or destroyed (blew away). Also the low pressure pumping system was supposedly a loss? He replaced it with a Hydroflex. I am not sure what the insurance claim was or the official damage…. but I believe is a good provider if you need insurance. ūüôā This is just what I was told multiple times! I honestly do not care…. and if I hear this story again from my Dad! LOL ūüôā

A side note…. Entry units at expresses: I never understood why he never used an entry unit at this location. He actually sold the entry units back to the manufacturer long before the tornado. We would debate this topic every time he complained about customers. LOL ūüôā The manager at the location I believe did not like the entry unit idea for some reason? This also caused major conflict not having an entry system. Nice guy though….

Click here for Before the Tornado and see below for after.  The tornado hit on April 24th.


Albertville Express Wash


These are some pictures pulling up to the Albertville wash.


The Autec Shine Express is around where the vacuums are and these are some pictures of Scott spraying my car.  The buffering from the Shine Express did a unbelievable job it looked and felt like it was hand waxed.


Here is a picture of a car entering the tunnel.  Note the mirror.

Albertville Express Wash


ICS entry unit as well as the window and cash register.  All the entry / exit gates are Magnetic Automation Corp.


Pictures are from left to right 3rd picture is the main enterance and exit, the 5th and 6th picture  show the entry units and the large turn to enter the tunnel.


Vacuum setup with the Vacutech Power Clean Super Separator.

Albertville Express Wash


This is one of my Dad’s express washes.¬† He¬†is using Tommy / AVW equipment with a window and ICS entry unit.¬† He also has¬†an Autec Shine Express.


This is a picture of the messed up ICS unit.  I will post some more pictures tomorrow.