Hamilton Dial-up CC Processing Discontinued

“Effective October 1st, 2016 Hamilton Manufacturing will no longer offer dial-up credit card processing for Gold Line Auto Cashiers.”


Wow…. that is convenient for Hamilton.  What BS…. I think I will just switch to DAN now.  LOL 🙂  I mean anything else that will process CC payments!   I like Hamilton…. But this just sounds like a money grap.  I assume their DAN sales did not go up high enough with the price drop?  How about this…. Release the DAN software for free?  What are you afraid of?  Everyone seeing how crappy it is?  No one is going to copy it…. both Hamilton and Unitec post screenshots of their apps already…. so they are probably the same?    Sell the parts to connect the stuff and do not support the pc?  Try something new…. you seem to be losing the car wash business.  If you use this idea I want a job…. your marketers and new products are poor for this industry.  (You also can not use my idea.)

Also how about discontinuing something old and antiquated…. like the XE validator?  I also heard the excuse for the new belts on the XE validator…. o-rings seems cheap and janky at best.  I feel better now…. besides this major problem with the CC.  I hate Unitec more…. I just hate the distributor thing sorry.  LOL 🙂

Hamilton entry units?

Does Hamilton not have an entry unit that allows for monthly subscriptions?  It seems the HTK, CTK, HHS and DAN do not support monthly subscriptions?  Just wondering.  Maybe that is why the majority of people for some reason purchase Unitec?

So is it worth $10 to actually call someone on the phone?

http://amzn.to/2iCFPpo $10

So just for a hypothetical example…. if this Samsung 32gb card broke (above) after about a week of use in a tablet.  Would you go through all the trouble of calling Samsung support and wasting over 30 minutes having to troubleshoot a crapping defective sd card?  Holly Korea…. it took 20 minutes trying to fill out their crappy service request form!  Just to figure out I had to interact with someone to get a replacement card.  Well after chatting with Deepkumar D for another 10-15 minutes….  I figured out I had to call 1-800-Samsung.  So let me get this straight…. this $10 card amazon.com sells and makes money off of.  So this “card” is worth lets say…. $2-3?  Come on…. it cost the company more money for me to talk to their employees then to ship me a replacement you would think?  Not to mention and I hate to even mention this because every cry baby says this every time they have a problem…. I will never purchase a direct branded Samsung sd card.  Infact I purchased this card while chatting with DD.  http://amzn.to/2i5QWdR  Sure Samsung probably make the card!  LOL 🙂

My favorite exchange:

D: We are not trained on SD cards or option to access the tickets of SD cards. We do have dedicated support for SD cards and do not have any information about it. We do not wan to misguide you any way.

Me: ….It is broken I have plenty of sd cards…. Plus I believe you are an expert enough to figure out a sd card is broken. 🙂 I just want another card…. it is defective.

Sure Samsung has procedures…. but I am not happy and I actually ordered 2x SanDisk cards because I seriously will not purchase their brand again.  I also actually remember things unlike the majority of people.  LOL 🙂  AND YES I AM BEING A CRY BABY!  I already said I was being one!  My kids do it and always seem to get their way!  LOL 🙂

Can you spot the employee that is working? :)


You are correct I would never be a Police officer! I would also hate to work anywhere where one mistake at WORK could make you goto jail or get killed! Just think how many fast food employees would be in jail! Who would make our food! LOL 🙂

I also hate to say it… But why do motorcycle cops always drive around like they are filming Chips? Also besides writing tickets…. What is the purpose of using motorcycles?

How I built a self contained pressurized 55 gallon drum transfer pump / device.


This was my first version of my pressurized transfer pump / device.  I had a clear hose installed and you had to blow air in the inlet side.

The job really blew….  I thought I would be able to siphon out the chemical.  But the matter what it seemed like if would not start a siphon.

This would work fine but I wanted to try it air driven.  Plus I ened up breaking 1/2 the fittings trying to get it to start a siphon.

How I built my pressurized 55 gallon drum transfer pump / device.

First I researched what could happen wrong…. The drum could always explode and the idea in general.  But it was really a concept I never tried and I do not think I followed the directions?  LINK  My theory was:  The worse case when filling the drum with 100 psi air…. would be the chemical would shoot out way to fast and probably foam way to much.   (But this might be extremely bad logic?)

I am also pumping ultra concentrated tri-foam.  There is a hose going into the tank (which you can not see).

Self contained pump versuon PICTURES AND LINK

Building a siphon pump with air.

Well I was reading about building a siphon pump with compressed air…. Because I have had terrible luck with hand pumps.

I had multiple Beckson pumps…. the hoses are really too short when filling buckets.  (Which is basically all I did with a hand pump.)  Also the pump was really not very durable…. it was always laying around and I had the handles break and the hoses would get brittle and break.  Even after cleaning it every use.  It would also lose suction ability pretty fast.   (It has been a while since I used a hand pump though.  But I do remember this pump never worked well.)  Someone did “claim” their pump lasted 15 years though…. but it all has to do with the chemical or whatever you are pumping obviously.  🙂

I have also used these cheap drum pumps…. these are cheaply made compared to the Beckson.  But they would work…. super annoying to pump also.  The hose was longer I believe?  15 year guy said the Beckson hose has never gotten brittle on him…. maybe this is the pump that had the brittle hoses for me?

I have used sandpiper and flojet pumps but they are slow and super annoying to setup and clean…. also slow.  But…. according to this chart the pumps are actually faster! (Or close enough 🙂 .)


Last note…. The interesting concept was pressurizing the 55 gallon chemical drum.  You could leave all the pipes in the tanks…. just carry a special regulator?  Or have separate regulators wherever you pump the chemical out?  Cheaper than a dedicated pump or even a hand pump maybe?  🙂  Both operators stated they used 5 psi…. which begs the question:

How much psi can a plastic 55 gallon drum take?  Apparently 65 psi before…. well I found a video.  🙂