HydraFlex Hydra-Cannon water question?


I have always been fascinated with there product.  Maybe for the wrong reason.  🙂  My Dad purchased two also and they are stupid expensive.  But what I don’t get is if I put a bunch of injectors together on my system everyone would laugh and make fun and say injector are a bad idea.  Make them expensive, fancy and oh also GREEN!  You have a product!  That’s why I enjoy marketing.  🙂

My actual question is not the injector there all the same ss or these fancy kevlar (I think?).  It’s the HydraFlex setup.  The picture shows I assume 4 functions.  If 2 or 3 functions or even 4 are in use at one time…. wouldn’t this reduce the threw put of water thus pulling to much or to little chemical?  Which is one of the problems with  using injectors in the first place?  Thus the 27% chemical savings would either go up or down?  In another picture they have 5 functions?  Even worse?  I might be missing something here…. please let me know.  I’m going to build one.  LOL  🙂

Also I understand that they use those big well pumps to regulate the water….  which is very important with injectors.  Also the bigger units have 2 pumps I assume it’s a fall over but I really don’t care it doesn’t matter.  I would just think the pressure can’t be consistent on all functions if pulling water at the same time?  I just don’t see it?  Unless it’s just good enough and doesn’t matter?


UPDATE:  The water intake is 200 psi and the output is anywhere from 60-80 psi like the injectors are rated at or 40 psi like some operator said his has at.  Not even sure how you would know that unless there was a gauge on them?  Maybe the color denote the psi also?

cashwash.com what the?

carwash website

Okay maybe I have never seen carwash.com new website until today. 🙂 I’m a little behind. This carwash stuff is trying to kill me. So I went to their site and it’s a new color red? But they got rid of their forum and started over! REALLY! Didn’t they have a really large forum? I really can’t remember I HATED the layout! Also why on earth didn’t they convert it? The matter what it COULD be converted… I guess the decision was not to. Which seems interesting. As a programmer I was given really bad crap to convert so I know there is no why it was not doable.

Do could I have the old forum carwash.com? Well if you are the ones that had a forum in the first place. 🙂

Ryko Code-A-Wash IV Manual…. Come and get it! :)


LOL Just kidding! 🙂

Why would Ryko publish their Code-A-Wash 4 Manual? or what every their entry unit is called? I forgot the name of the thing which I OWN! 🙂

I actually called Ryko they said they do not have it in PDF format… BUT I can purchase it! I think it was $50-100? NICE! 🙂 Why would they put it online?

Also what really bugs me is on their website they state under “Ryko Advantage” “Proprietary Technology”? WHAT! Shouldn’t customers demand the exact opposite? If the Car Wash industry demanded better standard products maybe we would have products like the vending industry? With interchangeable parts? With DEX and MDB? Instead we have dumb proprietary stuff and expensive proprietary parts and are enslaved to one vendor like a sucker sucked into the sales pitch…. the end 🙂

Yeah I don’t have my own products! After looking at the swipe and clean though I should have made one. 🙂 But I can have my own options for now. The full service controller companies are the worse with over priced stuff. But the market is just so small.

Make your Fortune Washing Cars – A book? Car Wash people can read? JK :)

Interesting name of this guys book:  Make your Fortune Washing Cars  Plus only 40 years in the business?  I’m not even impressed!  No parents or grand parents helping with knowledge?  Another thing I’m not impressed about is making it in the car wash industry 40 years ago.

Actually the people that are going to do good now are all the people purchasing these foreclosures!  Any advice on building new is pretty dated information.  But click on the link above and look at the cover of the book.  🙂

Plus how is it a good “investment” to build new when there is a new wash struggling or the bank owns one next door?  Plus so what if you have cash?  It’s still a stupid investment.  Does anyone ever stop and think that a sales person “might” make money off you!  🙂  Why do you think they call you so much and they are “trying” to be your best friend…. until they get all there money?


If I write a book it needs to cost less then his… then I will name it “SO…… YOUR STUCK WITH A CAR WASH….. oh and there’s 100 down the street!  :)”

Royal Services – On-site Car Cleaning Commercial Cleaning 205-568-7742 : Did they pay a Jefferson County Water Tap?


So does Royal Services have to pay some sort of sewer tap fee? I did. Or do they pay a fee to pollute the storm water? Actually is this legal? He was not capturing the runoff. This company or guy is probably costing Jefferson County more to clean up his mess then what he makes! Looks like maybe even HF wheel cleaner…. down the storm drain. Also I see a flammable sticker on a gallon of chemical right next to a gas generator in his van…. good location. I also assume he is storing it correctly when traveling… I didn’t say anything about that! He knows the laws in Alabama! 🙂 This guy probably even uses residential water. I wish I could use residential water.