Make your Fortune Washing Cars – A book? Car Wash people can read? JK :)

Interesting name of this guys book:  Make your Fortune Washing Cars  Plus only 40 years in the business?  I’m not even impressed!  No parents or grand parents helping with knowledge?  Another thing I’m not impressed about is making it in the car wash industry 40 years ago.

Actually the people that are going to do good now are all the people purchasing these foreclosures!  Any advice on building new is pretty dated information.  But click on the link above and look at the cover of the book.  🙂

Plus how is it a good “investment” to build new when there is a new wash struggling or the bank owns one next door?  Plus so what if you have cash?  It’s still a stupid investment.  Does anyone ever stop and think that a sales person “might” make money off you!  🙂  Why do you think they call you so much and they are “trying” to be your best friend…. until they get all there money?


If I write a book it needs to cost less then his… then I will name it “SO…… YOUR STUCK WITH A CAR WASH….. oh and there’s 100 down the street!  :)”

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  1. I have met many car wash owners that do make money in the car wash industry. Here is what I have found they are very organized, they buy top knotch equipment, they maintain it everyday, they check their water everyday, they ask for help when needed. Many are true salespeople they get out and meet the customers give them hugs and attend community events. And lets not forgot about having a very clean facility, customers love neatness.

    Mike Simmons, Vice-President

    1. I don’t think you read the post. Maybe since your not a car wash owner you didn’t get the joke? But your a sales person so… 🙂

      Maybe in Ohio the government is more restrictive I don’t know? But when the government lets people start businesses that they want. Unforgettably to many people have built car washes because of sales people. Which makes them bad investments… so depending where someone is from you will get your desired remarks. Also you are selling a high priced item so only car washes with money would call you… another fact. So of course they would be making money.

      I also disagree with 90% of your statements except the place should be clean. You do not have to purchase top “knotch” equipment. You can run a super car wash with any equipment on the market. But again your a sales person. 🙂

      But I strangely want to purchase a boiler now…. JK LOL 🙂

  2. I love your sense of humor, but everything is in the details of any business what separates the strong from the weak is just a few minor details. But that few can be huge, for instance I love Arbys for their sandwiches, but many years ago their facilities were just run down and dirty, back then I would never go to the bathroom in one. Instead I went to Mcdonald’s to go the rest room. Now in current time Arby’s has gotten the idea that a very clean and modern facility with upgraded equipment will bring in customers. They even have open wifi in many, so that being said a business is the true salesperson it projects an image. Now one must ask yourself what image do you want to project to the public. You yoursef as a owner of a car wash or any business must be the salesman, because without a sale no one has a job.

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