Why you have to purchase a Yeti cooler!

It was the first thing I thought of when I saw this cooler!  LOL 🙂

I believe the only true use for an expensive cooler is for deep sea fishing right?  Or to pick up other guys?  🙂  Like a woman would know what a Yeti cooler is?  Maybe if Louis Vuitton made a cooler…. am I wrong?  LOL 🙂  (To be honest I did not even know about Yeti coolers until I saw the Pelican cooler.  I was looking for a Pelican hard case.)  For everyone that wants a Yeti cooler let me help you decide which Yeti to purchase…. just purchase a styrofoam cooler!  The best cooler is the cooler you can throw away or leave behind!  🙂  Plus how would you like to clean out this cooler if it cost you over $450?  I did just purchase a Coleman cooler with WHEELS!  I did not know wheels are a requirement for a cooler…. especially if you want to move a ship anchor cooler (Pelican or Yeti) which weighs 20-30 pounds alone.  🙂

I know you are going to purchase one anyway…. so at least NO baby blue Yeti cooler!  Be a man!  LINK  I saw one and felt sorry for the “guy”…. do not be that “guy”!  🙂

Back to the above issue:  Sure my clean up guy called me about this cooler twice…. it was…. well…. I do not want to discuss the cooler anymore.  Plus the fish were very soft and squishy with no heads?  But it was actually not that stinky…. WELL I have smelt worse.  🙂

I also was weak 20 years ago or more…. I even ordered a stupid car from the factory.  I was debating luxury cars the other day…. is the only luxury car anyone “should purchase” a Lexus?  I purchased an Infiniti / Nissan…. bad idea.  Lexus / Toyoda best idea correct?  I have heard nothing but bad things about every manufacture but Lexus.  Well Toyoda I believe had the worse recall ever right?  🙂  I am also talking about resell.

I walk down memory lane…. TRASH

I believe you need to just keep a positive attitude in life…. everything is great and it will be great! Or at least that is what my Wife keeps telling me. It is true though and I do feel better having a more positive surrounding and family around. One recommendation is to not watch the news or following politics.

Back to trash / good stuff…. I use to give everyone in my family my “best” garbage finds for Christmas. Usually clothing and something random like a book or figurine. Now I am not invited to Christmas. LOL 🙁

I remember the day well…. I pulled up to the car wash and there were no crows…. weird?  That was because I had an unique item in my garbage can a scarecrow? 🙂
Large stuff is always fun…. like a bumper or a huge heavy tire.  I would actually be interested how many tires I have gotten over the years?

A mattress always brightens my day! 🙂  Next time I should “donate it”!  LOL 🙂

I found 2 cash registers that looked like someone with a crowbar broke into them. I called the Police and I said that I thought it was Guthrie’s so they called another Police department but the detectives were off that day.  🙁 So the Police officers said to just throw them away. I did call the restaurant and they were robbed 2 weeks ago but they never called back to say if they wanted the registers.

The comments from NYPD are good also!  LOL  http://cwguy.com/?p=3658  He is correct though…. the Police should at least pretend to be interest in this obvious evidence.

The above comment from NYPD…. reminds me what the Police told me when they saw the picture below.  “He is out past curfew”…. plus the Police gave the pictures back.  I asked “do you need the pictures?”  Just a side note here for Police departments….  The answer is actually “YES we need those pictures” and act interested and then throw the pictures away.  Okay?  🙂

Our government’s money hard at work? (20 unopened boxes of baby food + 2 boxes of cereal.)  No comment.

I also have found duffle bags of people’s worldly possessions. I am always torn with their items…. it was probably all their possessions they own…. but the bag was usually huge (which I needed to store), sometimes the bag had bugs in it and the bag always smelt like pure wet dog ass. I always keep the bags…. but the matter how long I keep the bags no one ever picked up any of them.

I have have had deers, snakes and dogs.

Before they moved this high school I believe my wash was a dumping ground for coolers and alcohol.  I also had a cooler full of nasty fish also a cooler of nasty meat (different times).

Full sets of car keys with key fobs!? Plus they are NEVER claimed? LOL 🙂

Think you are special because you own a car wash? Oh I know you think you do. :)

Well you are NOT!  LOL  🙂  Even you guys that just clean up and are maintain guys…. not special.  You know what is annoying…. me having to remind my cleanup guy that I can CLEAN UP!  I have that special power!  It is actually not hard…. everyday…. well…. very hard!  LOL  🙂

But this guy was in front of a Toys R Us at 6:00 with at least 5 bags of household garbage…. Really?  He pulled his black Ford Expedition in the emergency lane and just started unloading garbage bags.  He put 1-2 in the garbage can and 1 next to the garbage can.  (There is another garbage can you can not see to the left of the doors.)

Now…. maybe he thought no one could see him?  He did look like a moron?  Plus he was wearing camouflage…. he might be confused when camouflage is effective!  LOL 🙂  But he was driving a Ford Expedition…. doesn’t that car have a really bad engine with an aluminium motor head?

I also was going to Toys R Us to purchase a gift for my Son…. and my Daughter came.  So I missed out talking to General Garbage and no picture of his nice expedition.

Hay! What is wrong with people?


The thing I can’t figure out is why the hay was in the car and it was fine….. Then when you get to the car wash you take the hay out THEN put it in garbage bags?

Only thing that makes since is she stole the hay? But how do you even steal hay? Actually where can you purchase hay? What do you use hay for? Why does she have hay in the fist place?

She seemed shocked to found out it clogs up vacuums and I didn’t want her to use mine? 🙂 Weird…. Maybe this is why she made a huge ass mess at my place of business and not at her house?