OMG! Check N Go / Title Loans is a bunch of soliciting litters…. plus whoever this lady is can’t listen…. What’s new?



Talk about annoying…. Try this place!  Check N Go / Title Loans at 833 Allison Bonnett Memorial Dr Ste 101 205-744-3867

They have put there crap propaganda on all my equipment seems like all the time… what the &*$@ it there problem!  I have seem it 3-4 time in the last months and my clean up guy calls and complains all the time (who know though  🙂

Seems like the little lady at check n go didn’t like it when I put a sign on her door?  The lady only liked to make ugly faces and yell?  She’s probably the one that puts the stuff all over my equipment?  🙂  Wonder why she didn’t want my sign on her door?  I was using the sign they put on my equipment?  HOW ABOUT ACTING LIKE A REAL BUSINESS?  Or we can exchange advertising like I suggested?  WOW!  Next time Police…. maybe corporate but there probably independent?  Crap I’ll switch businesses… except there are 300 check places around town…. sound familiar?   🙂  Plus employees are annoying!  They want benefits then the government mandates it then you can’t have your 3 year old work 20 hour shifts anymore.  LOL 🙂

Check ‘n Go
7755 Montgomery Road, Suite 400
Cincinnati, OH 45236

Only thing I regret it having crappy tape!  The asses at check n go use tape that GETS ALL OVER THE EQUIPMENT AND TAKES FOREVER TO TAKE OFF.  Actually I hate Check n go and that lady!   I have wasted more time talking to the clean up person and cleaning up tape because some ass at check and go wanted to make $20 commission while making minimum wage.  Unless it’s the “manager” that put the stuff on my equipment which would be pathetic…. It was probably the manage.  🙂  Plus why can’t they spell their name right?  What does ” ‘n ” mean?  I can’t spell or write but it looks stupid…..  Kind of like….