OMG! Check N Go / Title Loans is a bunch of soliciting litters…. plus whoever this lady is can’t listen…. What’s new?



Talk about annoying…. Try this place!  Check N Go / Title Loans at 833 Allison Bonnett Memorial Dr Ste 101 205-744-3867

They have put there crap propaganda on all my equipment seems like all the time… what the &*$@ it there problem!  I have seem it 3-4 time in the last months and my clean up guy calls and complains all the time (who know though  🙂

Seems like the little lady at check n go didn’t like it when I put a sign on her door?  The lady only liked to make ugly faces and yell?  She’s probably the one that puts the stuff all over my equipment?  🙂  Wonder why she didn’t want my sign on her door?  I was using the sign they put on my equipment?  HOW ABOUT ACTING LIKE A REAL BUSINESS?  Or we can exchange advertising like I suggested?  WOW!  Next time Police…. maybe corporate but there probably independent?  Crap I’ll switch businesses… except there are 300 check places around town…. sound familiar?   🙂  Plus employees are annoying!  They want benefits then the government mandates it then you can’t have your 3 year old work 20 hour shifts anymore.  LOL 🙂

Check ‘n Go
7755 Montgomery Road, Suite 400
Cincinnati, OH 45236

Only thing I regret it having crappy tape!  The asses at check n go use tape that GETS ALL OVER THE EQUIPMENT AND TAKES FOREVER TO TAKE OFF.  Actually I hate Check n go and that lady!   I have wasted more time talking to the clean up person and cleaning up tape because some ass at check and go wanted to make $20 commission while making minimum wage.  Unless it’s the “manager” that put the stuff on my equipment which would be pathetic…. It was probably the manage.  🙂  Plus why can’t they spell their name right?  What does ” ‘n ” mean?  I can’t spell or write but it looks stupid…..  Kind of like….

New Wal-Mart and RaceWay?


Wal-Mart down the street had their grand opening today: maybe this will help business?  Something that probably will help business is the gas price at less then $3.00….. What a deal…. It must be time for an election?

SECWA Convention?


Is anyone going to the secwa convention?  I imagine the gas prices will put a damper on the attendance.  I guess the show will start Monday and end on Tuesday?  For more information checkout or you can save on gas and I will post some pictures (if I wake up on-time tomorrow)!

Crunchwrap Supreme from Taco Bell! Yum and good for you!


This Cruchwrap Supreme thing is pretty good!  It has a flat taco shell with crap all over it then wrapped with a tortilla.  I also took a picture of people that should all get new jobs.  Wow!  The one on the far left privileged me by taking my order after waiting and staring at her.  The lady in the white shirt (manager?) was sitting down eating and talking.  The lady on the right was sweaty because I think she is the only person working.

I usually go through the drive thru but now I think I will either pretend I never went in the building or go somewhere else.