My dog is a killer on the loose!


I got scared after my dog, Pepsi, murdered Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks.  I disposed of the body so the Police would not put my dog in lock down.  Poor Alvin must have just finished his new movie which will be released on December 14.  I do not ever promote murder but maybe if my dog did the evil task before they made the movie it would have helped society.


Random pictures


1) I saw Herbie The Love Bug and no, I will not watch that movie.  2) This lady had no car.  I am not really sure why she is doing on the ground.  3) ?


1) Someone found my Toyota hub cap, Yea.  2) “Follow Us to Sweet & Sassy!” and “Party Girls on the Go!” Not really sure where this place is because it was randomly parked in an empty parting lot.  But I know to “get your party started” call 205-682-8888.

Kim Supply Chemical Order


I purchased some chemicals from Kim Supply.  I purchased some Aquamarine Whitewall powder KCP9330-50 $34.50, Cherry Bead Lemon Bead liquid KCL9210-5 $31.75 and Garnet Ultra-Wash powder KCP9110-50 $47.50.  Their shipping was reasonable: $58.16 for all this crap.