Water Wizard transfer day


We rented a Penske 24 foot truck, blue dual axel trailer, and fork lift today to move the Water Wizard.


William just put the gantry on the trailer and strapped it down with 4 2″ tie downs, which we purchased from Lowes.


The pumping station went into the back of the truck along with the rails, entry gate, etc.


It was a long and bumpy road and my back is going to hurt tomorrow.  “Air Ride”… I say back breaker.


William moved the gantry off the trailer without any problem!


Thanks again William and my Dad for your help today.

Very sad day today!


Today I sold my 2003 Infinity G35, which I ordered from the manufacturer and it had every option that was available and took 6 month for delivery.  The only problem was I never drove it anymore (since I got the Fit) so I finally broke down and sold my beloved car.  This is my cars new owner, but I don’t remember her name. I was crying.

My plan sunk like the Titanic!


Today, I had everything all planned out with moving all the Water Wizard equipment.  I rented 2 flat bed trailers and a fork lift.  The only problem was, out of the 2 trucks we had, neither could pull the fork lift.


So instead of using AABCO Rents, the plan sunk like the Titanic slide in front of Alabama Rentals; where I ordered and confirmed the delivery of the fork lift and this cool blue trailer tomorrow.


I also brought home some Water Wizard accessories and some self serve stuff today.

By the way thanks again Greg for letting me borrow your truck.

Moody tear down fun?


William did some demo to remove the Hamilton entry unit.


I removed all 4 meter boxes today, which was really not that bad.


We also moved the Water Wizard pumping station over the pit today, which is great.  The last picture shows the stuff I got today.

Motor starter problem?


Motor starter would not start the motor.  The motor starter would be depressed and make a humming noise but nothing happened, then the breaker would blow.  I have no clue except maybe the motor starter is bad?

Moody tear down fun?


Tons of hoses from the automatic and some signs on top.


Some Mark 7 self serve equipment, 3 1/2 bays.


Some Jim Coleman equipment, spot free, bug remover, and triple shine units.  We took 2 loads of stuff today and more fun scheduled for tomorrow.  All I need to do is find a use for all this stuff or sell it!


Moody tear down fun?


Today, I did not do anything very exciting except removing a lot of signs, misc. crap and a ton of hose clamps.


 William started to break down the automatic and tomorrow we are going to start tearing out the self serve equipment.

Equipment room cleanup


After moving the pumping units yesterday I decided to cleanup the crap that was behind them today.  I would never guess I had so much crap under the pumping stations.  I did find a lot of screwdrivers though.