UPDATE: Kleen-Rite usually simplifies things….

Disclaimer…. I am not claiming that I am correct!  I am just claiming I am confused!  🙂  I am also not an expert!  I have worked in this car washing field for over 10 years as an owner/operator and have a 2005 KR catalog (do you?)!  So you know I horde things and I have a little knowledge that might have rubbed off?  🙂

Someone from Kleen-Rite messaged me and wanted to know what my problem was with my KR post…. (He actually just asked what was confusing me and was really nice.)  Like it really matters though…. Who am I going to order from?  🙂

Anyway…. The first image below is from the “Issue 54” and the second image is from “2005”.  But my real frustration is the inconsistency…. this is the part that is confusing.  To be true to KR standards…. they should simplify things.  Instead they are using multiple names to describe the exact same thing…. I believe?  🙂


List of irrelevant information or inconsistent information not used throughout the catalog…. or what I believe is just confusing for no reason.

  • JIC Flare, SAE Flare, Flare
  • Ballseat pipe, IPT, JIC, SAE, MIP, NPTF
  • Hose ID, ID Hose, Size

There are also things that make no logical sense or I am missing something…. so I assume I am not the only one.

  • Why is a description “ID Hose x OD Tube”?  I have not purchased any of these flare fittings…. but they appear to be threaded not pipe.  Which is still not tube or hose?  But I am not an expert on flare fittings!
  • Why under “Push Lock Barb” would you use “F” on only 2 of the fittings?  Does this imply the others are Male?  Most of the fittings are labeled at the top of that page…. but all are labeled by a picture…. I believe?  Except those 2 fittings?
  • Plus under “PLF224″…. looking at the size “3/8 x 1/4″…. which is the barb and which is the male fitting?  Even if it is stated as pictured…. the other pictures on the page are all different directions.

Other pages have inconsistent data and I feel could be confusing also.  I just believe there should be a standard through out the catalog.  But I do know your pain…. I use to have a real job and worked with the public and co-workers as a programmer.  I always thought all my applications, manuals and websites had the best gui and were the most user friendly ever!  🙂  The end users seem to always question that though?  🙂