Or every car dealership in the whole world should try to hire this guy!  I mean the stuff is shiny but $2,400!  Sorry $24,000!  (It’s worth $2,400 maybe?  🙂  I mean come on total crap doesn’t even start to describe this self serve equipment!  He has been trying to sell this crap since at least 12/7/2011 that’s when I got my first laugh.  But if the guy got any money that’s good I guess just seems like a ton of crap to me.  I should know I had that crap setup what a pos!  I mean each bay would be worth $300 for parts = $1500, $200 a vac = $1000 ( if you wanted them if not $50), $300 max a bay for all the used bay crap if its stainless = $1500, $400 for the changer (if it’s really like new), $100 a vendor (if there really nice) = $400 and $300 for the fragrance machine maybe but there isn’t a picture so probably less.  That’s $4,700 and you will get a crappy general pump setup that you will wish you never purchased…… trust me!  🙂  This was sold on ebay somehow.


1.) All Stainless Steel pump module chassis w/electronic panel, belt guards, wireways, hour meters, and function indicator lights. 2.) 5-5 hp. Marathon three phase electric motors w/double pulleys. 3.) 5- Model W132 General Pumps (4gpm. @ 1200psi) w/double pulleys. 4.) Pre-wired controls for each bay including solid state timers, overload protected motor starters, and 100 volt fused transformers. 5.) All stainless steel modular hot / cold / soap / wax chemical and water mix tank with lid. 6.) Stainless steel coin meter boxes and wall vaults. 7.) Foam Brush System with stainless steel mix tank and Hydrominder proportioners. 8.) Tire Cleaner / Engine Cleaner System w/ stainless steel mix tank and Hydrominder proportioners. 9.) Foam Brush & Tire Cleaner control valve manifold on Stainless Steel panel for wall mount. 10.) 4 Floor Mat Holders for each bay. 11.) All High Pressure booms, foam brush booms, foam generators, brushes, brush hangers, valves, hoses, and trigger guns for each bay. 12.) Automatic weep freeze protection system. 13.) 1- BC-200 Rear Load ROWE BILL CHANGER (like new). 14.) 5- J.E. ADAMS 8500 SILVER TOUCH SERIES STAINLESS STEEL, dual motor vacuums. 15.) 4- LAUREL Single Column stainless steel drop shelf venders. 16.) 1- FRAGRA-MATICS stainless steel double fragrance dispensing machine. 17.) A few thousand dollars worth of new spare parts, hoses, and fittings go with this equipment.

All of this equipment is in excellent condition and was operating in perfect order until we shut it down in order to use the property for a commercial retail development.

Trust, Greed, Recession & Randy Nix of eaglecarwash

Okay my Dad was talking about something his distributor told him about how “Mars MEI bill acceptors were getting strung and it was so bad they had to put in some sort of timer to turn it off at night”? but there was a solution you could send it to Premier Car Wash Systems in Ga to fix the problem!?  They would flash the firmware and it work be “better”.

Well I search around and found at Advanced Car Wash Systems ACWS that they even had a quote from somewhere not on there website but on there facebook page:

MEI Bill Acceptor ALERT!

Today we have been informed by MEI that thieves have found a way to successfully string MEI bill acceptors manufactured before 2011. If you have a bill acceptor(s) with serial numbers starting with 011 and higher they should not have this issue.

If their serial number starts with 520 and lower the bill acceptors will need to be updated with new software. Any MEI bill acceptor manufactured before 2004 or with serial numbers 014 and lower will need to have the board changed.

Please contact the ACWS service center to determine what your acceptor will need.
July 24 at 10:21am

I can read a little and I heard the weird story and it just sounded like BS.  So I called my friend Randy Nix at 1-253-759-3277 where I get all my changer and entry unit repairs to set the record straight.  (Not a plug!  🙂  He said a quick call to MEI would have supposed my thought it was a LARGE AMERICAN MISUNDERSTANDING and just WRONG!  🙂  Thank AGAIN Randy