Trust, Greed, Recession & Randy Nix of eaglecarwash

Okay my Dad was talking about something his distributor told him about how “Mars MEI bill acceptors were getting strung and it was so bad they had to put in some sort of timer to turn it off at night”? but there was a solution you could send it to Premier Car Wash Systems in Ga to fix the problem!?  They would flash the firmware and it work be “better”.

Well I search around and found at Advanced Car Wash Systems ACWS that they even had a quote from somewhere not on there website but on there facebook page:

MEI Bill Acceptor ALERT!

Today we have been informed by MEI that thieves have found a way to successfully string MEI bill acceptors manufactured before 2011. If you have a bill acceptor(s) with serial numbers starting with 011 and higher they should not have this issue.

If their serial number starts with 520 and lower the bill acceptors will need to be updated with new software. Any MEI bill acceptor manufactured before 2004 or with serial numbers 014 and lower will need to have the board changed.

Please contact the ACWS service center to determine what your acceptor will need.
July 24 at 10:21am

I can read a little and I heard the weird story and it just sounded like BS.  So I called my friend Randy Nix at 1-253-759-3277 where I get all my changer and entry unit repairs to set the record straight.  (Not a plug!  🙂  He said a quick call to MEI would have supposed my thought it was a LARGE AMERICAN MISUNDERSTANDING and just WRONG!  🙂  Thank AGAIN Randy

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