Buyers guide to old and new used Coleman oval vacs

I didn’t know there was a difference and now I know why some people complain and hate Coleman oval vacs.  They are comparing about two separate products!  Also I feel bad when I was trying to sell my vacs…. I didn’t tell the buyer the difference.  But I honesty didn’t know. Plus mine are the nice ones. 🙂  He actually purchased the wrong ones and I don’t mean not mine!  LOL  🙂

New style with large one door.


Old style small door…. Where you can not touch the bags.


Kind of sad….

Kind of sad how things change…. I remember Jarret J. Jakubowski JJJ and I wish he sent me my subscription. 🙂 I think I got 2-3 issues and only 1/2 or my back issues? But who is keeping track! 🙂 I meet him at some ICA show and heard him speak and he seemed like a really super nice guy and it actually didn’t bother me. About the only time something like that didn’t bother me…. kind of shows the impression he made. 🙂

I did get the unrelated SSCWN magazine.

I also remember the scary color scheme that Auto Care Forum was…. I did see Bill multiple times at the ICA shows. Never talked to him though….

Alloy Wheel Repair specialist


At what point should the city get involved and make it illegal for a mobile company to work on a right of way?  I mean technically it might be private property…..  So maybe the property owner should sue them?  If they didn’t already agree of course!  LOL  🙂

What happens when 20 mobile lube and tire repair places park next to each other? Also why wasn’t he allowed to work at the dealership (Tameron Hyundai)?  I guess it’s a new car?   🙂