Prattville EnTec gas station


How do you know if someone has a theft problem?  Check out the sign on the fountain drink machine “Cups available from cashier, Thank you”.  Interesting sign.  I have never seen that before.


Interesting setup.  Just 6 stainless vacuums and 2 different fragrance machines.  No other car wash equipment.


I like this D&S Air Freshener “Sweet Mist!”.  With different types like strawberry, pinacolada, vanilla, new car and obsession.  Obsession?  It seems like a nice unit having 5 different types.

Air-Serv Vacuum


I believe this vacuum is an AirServ 24?  This was an interesting vacuum setup.


The coin box location is welded shut, and has no bars or locks (first two pictures).  The third picture is how the vacuum is bolted to the concrete slab.


These special nuts are used to fasten the stainless steel dome.  The last two pictures are the slab the vacuum was mounted on and the two holes are for dropping the assembled vacuum in place?

Off Pelham Parkway, Shell gas station wash

This location is off Highway 31 where 52 intersects 33.  Note for the link the Shell gas station is to the left where the truck is.


I think the self serve might be closed down?  Along with the air machine, Rowe changer, D/H vendor and automatic?  I like the items left in the D/H vendor before they pulled the plug.  Can you guess?  Of course “Royal Pine” Little Trees and fake Rain-X.


Self serve bays




I think I took to many pictures. The place was nice, just nothing worked.