Merry Christmas


These are old pictures but for Christmas I decided to post them.  The first picture is Rocco tugging on Santa’s beard to see if is was real.  The last picture was Santa on a fire truck before the big journey.

Unloader hose problem


I had an unloader hose problem today.  It was the high pressure non-working swivels (which work until the fitting is tight).  After the fitting exchange everything was “WORKIN” just like the license plate says (last picture).

Merry Christmas from Uncle Danny and Aunt Pally “The Litters”?


I saw Santa today on a fire truck, which is always exciting.  I believe you can always see him on a fire truck before he comes to your house.  Also, Uncle Danny and Aunt Pally are litterers.  She did get “Barbie Gymnastic Divas” and a Disney doll.  Anyway, I hope everyone has a great holiday season and I wish you all no Christmas trees, large tv boxes and wrapping paper being dumped in your front yard or at your car wash.