Why I LOVE Amazon.com! :)


These are actually really great cheap vinyl gloves…. Usually vinyl gloves are pure crap.  (BTW I was trying to purchase XL gloves.  I also purchase some black latex gloves…. But they have gotten worse I believe?)  LINK
There are 2 things I dislike about Amazon.com…. How the prices fluctuates and how you can not just shop with Amazon easily.  (You actually can but it is a pain.)

Ginsan Meter Door Opening Sizes…. Gin-San Dixmor Drop in Replacements?

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The question is…. Does a Dixmor LED 7 timer fit in the same location as a Gin-San GS-400 timer or the GinSan GS-407 timer?  I did not know the answer so I contacted the experts at Dixmor.

Dixmor said the Gin-San GS407 timer has a 2″ x 9″ display so basically there is no way it would fit.

ANSWER:  The Dixmor LED 7 timer will NOT fit where a GinSan GS-407 timer is.

The GinSan GS400 has the same height as the Dixmor LED 7 timer but the GS400 is 1″ wider.  Which I assume would allow for a drop in replacement?  But Dixmor’s official statement is they do not think the LED7 would replace either timer.

I hate to contradict the experts at Dixmor…. but today I measured the left and right meter door openings.  Each door opening was the same at 2 3/4″ x 1 1/2″ (I did not have my caliper so it is just close.  🙂 )  So the only variable is the mounting studs…. which are probably close or close enough?  (You could widen the holes if you had to.)  But…. Because both meter doors (above) are from GinSan.  I could also go so far as to assume that the one on the right definitely has the same mounting screws…. but I can not measure the door on the left to verify.  Why would Ginsan create a meter door which their own timer (GS400) would not fit?  But you can look at my pictures and use the 1″ measurement Dixmor said the timers were different in size…. but someone could assume they would be a drop in replacement?  Probably?  Maybe?  More than likely?  LOL  🙂  (Of course you would need a wire harness for the Dixmor timer…. but for some reason GinSan does not use wire harnesses?)

So if anyone knows for a fact if a Dixmor LED 7 is a drop in replacement for the GS400 timer let me know.  Also let the fine guys at Dixmor know.  It might help them out.  🙂


Just an aside…. the opening for the above meter door is 3 1/4″ x 1″ (again I would not start production on your timer add on…. this was done on a piece of paper and measure with a ruler later.  No caliper…. just an idea of the opening size. 🙂 )  This door is also the meter door for a Gin-San GS-31 timer…. which is the timer pictured next to it.

UPDATE 20160318: When emailing this guy back…. I believe I figured out why Dixmor says their timers may not be a direct replacement? Dixmor has no idea how you have your bay setup. You may have to rewire and probably bypass another timer to get a Dixnor LED 3 or LED 7 timer to work. Also you would have to purchase a harness for the Dixmor timer.

But harnesses are good…. and wire nuts do not count as a harness. LOL 🙂

So today I will cut a hole in my garage…. How about you? :)

ZDNet Article  This is how Google drones will deliver your packages, and keep your pets safe

I like technology…. that is why I picked an industry with the absence of progress and technology!  LOL 🙂  (The car wash industry…. except the “gated facilities” format but that is not really technology.)

This article is great and worth a read I believe…. the future will change the way stuff is done no doubt.

I was not an engineer…. only a computer programmer.  (But I might have had to do convoluted things also?  🙂 ) But you can tell by the article that an engineer came up with their plan….  🙂

Robo cart at the house, beacon signal, drone flying around, drops off of package, pickup locations, safe locations….  You get the idea…. a 100 step process seems silly but I assume it could work? Employees are expensive…. but usps employees are the most expensive. They have a retirement package. 🙂  (But I highly doubt they can or would ever get fired.)

But I have been to a ghetto house before (could have been in a movie) with a chain link fence, toys, misc trash and dirt and weeds all over the yard with no sidewalk…. a pit bull on a chain and a huge dilapidated porch.  No clue how the robo cart and flying drone could save the day there?  Unless they do “profiling” of people?  LOL 🙂 Honestly I would not want any of my equipment flying into that house or that section of the city.  🙂  Crap the Police do not want to even drive there…. how would that work?  According to a Police investigator there has been numerous shoot outs on that street?  He said he was even in one…. but apparently no one gets shot?  Which is good!  LOL 🙂  But it is the beginning stages of drone tech!

Never gets old! LOL :)

Is it required when you return a complaint phone call for them too:
1)  exaggerate the amount?
2)  change the amount while talking to you?

Sure someone could have wanted to wash their back hoe and put $45 in the meter box….. But odds are they didn’t.  LOL 🙂  I have debated this with my Dad and he just has no clue and is just wrong…. I believe.

But my favorite is ” I lost a dollar…. I mean I put $20 in there”. LOL  🙂  I’m sure you can forget what you put in the machine…. it’s always the inflation that is funny.

My other big problem is when people are irate over $1…. it makes me want to ask where they work.  Since only Excellence has to happen there!  LOL 🙂

The most valuable coupon of all time! LOL :)


Why on Earth would you need a coupon for Regions (of all places) to give you a “Personal Banking Review”?  Like they could charge money for that service?  LOL 🙂  What I honestly do not understand is why anyone would ask anyone at a Bank for financial advice?  I hear banks (I never go into a Regions) give advice all the time? I have talked to a couple knowledgeable Bankers in my life! Do not get me wrong…. a Region’s corporate lady…. and an oldtimer branch manager that PNC fired or he retired. Otherwise everyone I have talked to I would not ask for directions to my car. Scary they touch my money. 🙂 (I am mainly talking about business loan workers and branch loan managers…. etc.)

As an aside…. when you see someone that is wearing a suit. Ask yourself this question.
What does that person do? (This will answer the question 99% of the time.)
1) Works at a bank
2) Sells cars
3) Works for a rent a car place
What other profession mandates wearing a suit? Why banks and rent a car places?