The most valuable coupon of all time! LOL :)


Why on Earth would you need a coupon for Regions (of all places) to give you a “Personal Banking Review”?  Like they could charge money for that service?  LOL 🙂  What I honestly do not understand is why anyone would ask anyone at a Bank for financial advice?  I hear banks (I never go into a Regions) give advice all the time? I have talked to a couple knowledgeable Bankers in my life! Do not get me wrong…. a Region’s corporate lady…. and an oldtimer branch manager that PNC fired or he retired. Otherwise everyone I have talked to I would not ask for directions to my car. Scary they touch my money. 🙂 (I am mainly talking about business loan workers and branch loan managers…. etc.)

As an aside…. when you see someone that is wearing a suit. Ask yourself this question.
What does that person do? (This will answer the question 99% of the time.)
1) Works at a bank
2) Sells cars
3) Works for a rent a car place
What other profession mandates wearing a suit? Why banks and rent a car places?

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