Are Rowe Changer™s Safe and Secure? Update


I just so happen to have a spare BC-200 in my basement that I got from my Dad instead of him THROWING IT AWAY (Which is what I would like to do!).  So I took the front skin off and installed it at the carwash.  I have some more work to do like installing the high security plate that I purchased from Kleen-Rite ,which I hope they have in stock or it will take them FOREVER!  Have you noticed that Kleen-Rite seems to backorder more stuff now like Procon pumps and Hydrominder tips?

Litterer’s Live on Camera?

Warning:  these are not the most exciting videos on Earth!

[youtube]86-9uFPEzwg[/youtube]  IMG_0708.JPG

I hate this crap!  3 bags of……….. scary what you can tell from a persons garbage.   It is Lori Holcomb and Courtney Summerhill garbage but I am not really sure who the person is in the pink shorts is though.  If I was Lori or Courtney I would be mad about my garbage being dumped at a carwash.


How is this for “Did you get their license plate number?”!  There was some stuff that should have been shredded like social security number, invoices, certificate of insurance etc.  But one of the girls is associated with “Rock the Needle” which is a juvenile diabetes benefit.  She got some mail from that to her Warrior River Road address not the Clark Mountain Road N address.  I believe they moved?

[youtube]zWqvLK5rw1M[/youtube]  IMG_0707.JPG

This was not as exciting.  It was just 2 guys dumping crap, which I always love!

Rowe Changer’s Safe and Secure?


I understand if you give someone enough time anyone can get into a changer.  But the way the Rowe changer is designed even installing the high security plate for the BC-1400 does not help the BC-200.  The plate was ripped off just like the front skin and the bill acceptor (ba-50) gets bashed, YEA!  The problem is the brown metal box is made cheaply and was the weakest link, I will just leave it there.