Broken Air Compressor?


I finally decided to figure out what was wrong with my air compressor pump.  The wheel would just spin freely and not do anything else.  When I removed the top the pistons? wouldn’t move when I pushed on them.  I would guess that is not good!  It was also dry and gummy.  But who knows what it is suppose to look like?


I removed the wheel thing (technical term) I guess this piece is fine?  But I believe I spotted the problem.


Looks like something broke in the compressor pump?  🙂  Looks like maybe the pistons seized up and the wheel thing ripped all the crap apart!  But it looks like I have all the pieces and I can easily fix this with some glue!


I forgot to tell you the way to get this pump apart is to take all the screws out them hit it with a rubber mallet.  At least it worked for me.  The 2nd picture looks like the piston actually broke/cracked then the whole pump blew up?  Maybe?


But I really can’t decide if the pump just didn’t have enough oil?  Maybe that caused all the problem?  I checked with the dip stick and it didn’t register, that is bad.  So the bottom line is I figured out what the problem was with my Dad’s broken air compressor and with a little glue I will be able to get this old green SpeedAire back as good as new!

I Know High Quality!


When I want high quality tools there is only one place to go….. Dollar Tree!  I want to make a new face plate for my Hamilton ACW-5 because I don’t want to give any more of my money to Hamilton.  So I purchased the fine tape measure today.  I love the Warning “Always wear protective which complies with current ansi standards”.  WHY?

Hamilton AutoCashier ACW-5


Do you know when you get the “Unexpected Coin Drop” error randomly that the Hamilton techs tell you to unplug the wire harness from the coin dispenser and plug it back in a couple times?

I also called Randy Nix who is a Hamilton rep and he told me that there was crap on the counter switch and that was the problem.

Guess which one was correct?  You know I really like Hamilton changers and I for some reason really want to like this acw-5.  But it is a true POS.  (and I don’t mean “Point of Sale”)……  I also hate Hamilton support.  I really believe that at least 1/2 the time they give you the wrong advice.  I know for a fact that one jerk told me to purchase the main wire harness (cost me around $100 and takes about 1-2 hours to install) then Heidi another tech said there was no way that was the problem.  Oh and if you have a problem she is the person to talk to.

“Did Your Doctor Say Salt Was Okay?”


Today I purchased a  double Big Jack artery clogger with no green crap and extra mayonnaise.  I went through the drive through because I don’t want any exercise getting my food!  I asked for salt for my fries (which I hope they use trans fat…).  The drive through lady said “Did your doctor say salt was okay?”  Actually my doctor probably said no double Big Jack before salt but that’s just me.

I Want My Case Quarter Back!


Greg taught me this foreign phrase, I am not sure of the origin.  The phrase “case quarter” apparently is referring to a actual quarter.  So if someone says “Can I get a case quarter?” that translates to:  “Hey I have two dimes and a nickel and a need a quarter!  Can you help me out?”  Oh and here is a Pro Tip for anyone that uses this “case quarter” phrase:  if you keep repeating it the other person isn’t all of a sudden going to understand what it means!



I don’t recall installing the wire harness like this……. maybe I did?  What was this person thinking?  If I just get this wire harness out I can…… wait a minute the person wasn’t thinking.  My bad!

Surprisingly everything still worked!