Best Trade Magazine?


I think I do not get Car Washing and Detailing anymore?  (Or whichever one did not go out of business. 🙂 )  I also do not get the new ICA magazine…. which I would hope would be better?  But this Kleen-Scene magazine is the best for the self-serve industry I believe.  It even has articles and more articles on how to fix crap.  This is where I will update with reasons the other magazines are worth receiving…..  Just let me know?

One note…. It would be better if Kleen-Scene discusses more current events…. Like association meetings etc.  But it is a great sales mag…. Basically like all the others but they just sell ads.

UPDATE: This is an update for Kate Carr. I found someone who really enjoys The Wash Street Journal.


Just a note…. Check out the lava arch like device he is pointing at. Even a 2 year old consultant can point this out as a desirable product! 🙂 (He also has a fee like every other consultant that worked for someone else….. His is $100 and you have to change his diaper. 🙂 )

America’s ‘Most dangerous cities’ ranking flawed and inaccurate, Birmingham, Bessemer police say


Quoted from…. from whoever Roper is?
“I can’t speak for other cities, but Birmingham is experiencing historic reductions in crime, and the hundreds of thousands of people that visit the city each year gives credence to the fact that Birmingham is a city on the rise,” Roper said. “We understand there is more work to be done, but the progress has been tremendous.”

Sometime a reduction does not matter? You can still rank as the most “dangerous city”? But I feel safer already! 🙂 Maybe if they drove around Wylam once in a while? (BTW…. It is in Birmingham. 🙂

4 x Fragramatics vacuums for sales

UPDATE I HAVE 4 FRAGRAMATICS VACUUMS NOW! Make an offer? Hint…. I will not take below $2,000. 🙂 The forth vac is shampoo…. looks great, setup for safe, timer problem, missing parts on top and no locks. I believe the hose is new like?

So 2 fragrances and 2 shampoos.


Must purchase all three Fragramatics vacuums…. It’s a lot.  🙂  If I remember correctly one pops it’s fuse?  Sold as is….. No testing or I would just rehab them and sell them for more?  🙂  $1,750 or best offer if the offer is $10 less. 🙂 Yes they need stickers…. My eyes work with glasses! 🙂

If you are actually interested.  🙂  Here is a LINK to more PICTURES

UPDATE 20150601:  These are actually sold…. this was a super deal guys!  Only one guy wanted them also?  🙂   (Besides some cheap scrap price guy who also wanted free shipping?  You know shipping is really cheap if you pick it up at their terminal?  Less then $200 for this.)  If I did not have over 15 vacs to sell…. I would have purchased these for parts and been super happy.  Each person is obviously different…. what happens when something happens to your vacs?  Retail?  You can not make an insurance claim!  Yes these also needed work….  Everyone needs work!  LOL  🙂