Flojet push lock problem – Update


Okay, so my plan did not work.  But the check valve before the Flojet got stuck shut which is good.  I tested all the bays again and can not get any check valve to fail.  The only hint I got today was the tire cleaner does not work in one of the bays.  I think I found the bay, I will need to get a check valve and try and fix it tomorrow.  I put a cone in the bay.

Flojet push lock problem – Update


When you see water coming out of the equipment room it is always bad.  The supply line broke and the fitting to the Flojet was leaking.  Now I can figure out what the problem is, only took 3 days.


I got to drain the tanks again.


So the problem is two check valves are bad.  One check valve in a random bay and the check valve between the solenoid bank and the Flojet pump.  The plan is to replace the check valve before the Flojet and the hose in the bay should burst because of the high pressure water.  Then tomorrow I can replace that bays check valve.  Sounds good?

Flojet push lock problem – Update


The Flojet push lock fitting started leaking again today.  It looks like the brass insert in the fitting it coming out.  I just replaced it with about 5 other fittings (last picture).


What happened was the tire cleaner leaked on top of the holding tank.  Then the chemical leaked through the holding tank hinges.  This made the foam bush, high pressure soap and rinse water all be tire cleaner.  I had to siphon out all the tire cleaner. 

Air-Serv Vacuum


I believe this vacuum is an AirServ 24?  This was an interesting vacuum setup.


The coin box location is welded shut, and has no bars or locks (first two pictures).  The third picture is how the vacuum is bolted to the concrete slab.


These special nuts are used to fasten the stainless steel dome.  The last two pictures are the slab the vacuum was mounted on and the two holes are for dropping the assembled vacuum in place?