Meter door break-in – Update


My meter boxes are 14″x 9″ and about 6 1/2″ deep for the single, the double meter door is around 11″.  The plan is to mount an American hockey puck lock 2000 series which is about 2 3/4″ wide to the front of the door via steel bar.  Not sure if I am going to mount one or two locks on each door.  The last picture is my cheezy diagram of my plan.


I noticed when I was tring to measure the double meter boxes that someone tried to drill one and hit the other with a hammer or something.

Meter door break-in


My meter door got broken into.  This time they stole the timer, broke the shelf the timer sat on, stole the slugbuster quarter and tried to steal the coin acceptor.  That is not cool.

Mechanical coin acceptor for the vendor


The coin acceptor was just spitting out coins and did not hold them.  Anyone who knows anything knows that this means the screw to determine the price has worked itself out.


I actually was able to screw the screw back in without removing the coin acceptor.  The second picture shows why the coins get rejected.  The last picture shows how it should be setup.  I actually had no idea how to fix this.  I had a spare and was going to throw the other away.  I tested the new coin acceptor and then noticed the problem.

Rowe changer problem


The changer had the error message “CK L COIN DETCTR” again.  This time I took Richard Bailey’s and Greg’s advice and try to fix the changer.  I used this brush to clean the chain, and the coin hopper.


Then I removed the coin assembly, which seems to cause all the problems.  I also dumped the coins out and tried cleaning it out.  I also cleaned out the LED.  Seemed to work fine.