Self Serve Car Wash News Magazine

Well I got my magazine today.  You know it is a good magazine when it quotes me…. making me seem like I know what I am talking about.  LOL 🙂  To be honest though mep1 said the same thing earlier…. the problem is he needs to use layman’s terms.  Let’s be honest though…. he needs to use beginner or I’m in another industry so explain it really well terms.  LOL 🙂

So…. I also referenced and it got published…. so do I get a discount now?  🙂

I thought this place was out of business? they actually have the same basic design as many other…. But they quote prices?  Weird.

Proline Mark VII Manual from the 1980’s…. Thanks for the manual Daniel

I got this Proline_Mark_VII_pump stand manual from the 1980’s from Daniel the other day. It is a pretty complete document for your Proline car wash.

This is an Infa-Red Coin Switch…. I purchased some equipment one time that had these acceptors installed.  I should have kept the historical coin acceptors.  🙂  The next picture shows how simple the system is.  🙂  But I have always thought the unit was over engineered. 🙂  Another issue is not being stainless…. Later it was made out of ss though. Cheaper Faster and Knowledgeable? WTF I Love You! :)


In this case Home Depot did not have the screws and Lowes had a small package only (the price was not marked but I wanted 100). But I could purchase the nuts at both for around $4.50 for 100.

If you have ever shopped for screws at either box store you know the selector is bad…. Lowes seems worse around here. But Fastenal was very refreshing…. It was like walking into a store that knew what they were selling! I actually enjoyed it. 🙂 Plus it was cheaper and THEY HAD MY PRODUCT! I already went to HD and Lowes to look for the stupid screws.

(Also of course I did not ask for help at HD or Lowes…. I know better plus the screws are in order. But someone asked me for help at HD. LOL 🙂 )

DIY MEI Mars Bill Acceptor Belt Repair for your Car Wash

I just went to the LAST Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus and I have not taken the hat off since. LOL 🙂

Remember this was MY FIRST TIME! It is also pretty easy to change out the belts. I did it my first time and if you watch this bad video it will take you a lot less time! 🙂

This should also save you a lot of money…. unless I sent my acceptors to the wrong service place? Let me know where you got your acceptors serviced also…. I will probably get lazy again! 🙂

This is also a good thing to be able to do if you do not have extra acceptors…. but you should have extra acceptors!